What Are the Different Types of Essential Oils That Exist Today?

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Did you know that the essential oil market is worth over eight billion dollars? Since there are so many types of essential oils, they appeal to a wide range of individuals, especially those interested in aromatherapy.

Essential oils come from plant extracts, and they contain concentrated chemical structures that many believe can benefit our wellbeing. However, each plant has distinct properties and, thus, different benefits.

Therefore, it’s important to learn which types of scents to purchase before getting started with an essential oil diffuser. This post will share some of the best essential oils you can use and their properties, so keep reading to know more!


Peppermint is one of the most popular oils because it can make people feel better when nauseous or dealing with headaches. Some people dilute it in a carrier oil and pour it into a small applicator bottle that they can roll onto their temples when they feel tension. However, you can also diffuse it to reap the benefits.


Orange oil comes from the rinds of this citric fruit, giving it a nice smell. For this reason, many people use it to keep their homes fresh without the use of harsh chemical air fresheners.

Remember that orange oil can make your skin more sensitive to UV if applied directly. So be sure to wear sunscreen if you choose to use it!


Lemongrass is another great scent to use as a natural air freshener. Just a couple of drops of it in a spray bottle of water will leave fabrics in your home smelling cleaner.

Plus, lemongrass can help you improve your focus while you work!


If you like using Vics when you have a cold or congestion, you should try eucalyptus oil! There are a lot of essential oil myths out there, though, so be careful not to apply eucalyptus directly on your skin since it may cause an allergic reaction.

Since it’s very potent, you’ll notice a difference when you diffuse just a few drops. However, be careful not to use more than that or inhale the steam since it may burn your nostrils.


Lavender is one of the most relaxing scents that people prefer to combat stress and anxiety. You can put it in your bath water for a soothing experience or diffuse it before bed to calm down.

And, if you find it helpful, you can even put it in your aromatherapy bracelet to benefit from it all day long!

Of course, there are many other types of essential oils, so be sure to have a look at AromaTech Scent to browse them all!

Types of Essential Oils for Everyone to Enjoy

As you can see, essential oils come in a wide range of scents and properties. The best way to decide which ones you like best is by experimenting with different types of essential oils at home!

If you enjoy learning about aromatherapy and want to avoid essential oil mistakes, don’t forget to check out more great wellness content on our blog!

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