Relaxing Retirement Locations
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Are you looking to enjoy your golden years in style? Are you wondering where to buy a home?

Of course, budgeting for your retirement will be one of your top considerations. You’ll want to make sure that you can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle wherever you go. Beyond necessities like your mortgage and utilities, you’ll want to think about how you will transport and entertain yourself during the day.

What are the best retirement locations, and how can you make sure you’ll be happy in the long term?

Here are some of our picks.

Ashville, North Carolina

Ashville has become an increasingly popular city among folks of all ages in recent years. It boasts gorgeous scenery, a thriving food scene, and dozens of health and wellness centers. There’s also great weather and a growing arts scene.

North Carolina does not tax income from social security. And the overall cost of living in Ashville is lower than the national average.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is known for its low cost of living, low taxes, and low crime rate. You will also find quality medical care and excellent recreational opportunities.

Believe it or not, Mississippi has the lowest cost of living out of all 50 states. If you’re interested in finding a beautiful, affordable home to retire in, qualified professionals like those at Expectrealty can help you.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Believe it or not, Lancaster is about a lot more than horses and buggies. In fact, recent years have seen the development of great outlet shopping, locally-sourced cuisine, and even music festivals. You can also enjoy plenty of beautiful hiking trails and dog parks.

The median home value in Lancaster Count is just above $200,000 per year. It also has the lowest of all flat tax rates. In addition, it doesn’t tax any income from Social Security.

Pensacola, Florida

It’s no secret that there has been an influx of people moving to the Sunshine State. Beautiful weather, famous beaches, and a thriving culture scene make it the nationwide most people want to take it easy in. Florida is also one of only nine states in the country without an income tax.

Those who retire in Pensacola enjoy affordable housing and excellent healthcare. There are also plenty of outdoor activities, including golf, sailing, and nature trails.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Those who retire to Ann Arbor may know they are getting a more affordable lifestyle. Yet you will also be enjoying an arts, reading, and cuisine-loving culture in an increasingly bustling neighborhood. There is also plenty of wonderful entertainment and healthcare thanks to close proximity to the University of Michigan.

The Best Retirement Locations In The World

If you’re wondering where to retire, it’s important to do your research and figure out how much you’ll need to live. However, many popular retirement locations offer a low cost of living and plenty to do. You could be enjoying your leisure time in style in no time!

Don’t stop getting smart about your finances and lifestyle now. For more great advice, read our blog today.

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