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All About: Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta is the nickname of “Salvador Magluta,” and he is famous for multiple businesses. People may know him as a drug dealer from the US, but he is doing his business and is famous as a speed boat racer. He gained popularity over the network and is also a media person. Sal Magluta net worth is derived mainly from drugs and other business ventures to hide black money. He is also known as the most famous dealer of cocaine in the US. His story is also documented with the name “Cocaine Cowboys.”

Early Life Of Sal Magluta

A famous internet personality Sal Magluta was born in 1954 in Cuba. It is known that most people do not know him by his actual name, Salvador Magluta and that he holds Cuban nationality. His father’s name is “Manuel Magluta,” and his mother is “Gloria.”  When Sal was in high school, he became friends with a boy named “Willie Falcon.” He and his friend became drug dealers in Cuba. They both left school, started proper drug dealing as a business, and started selling drugs (marijuana and cocaine). He and his friend opened a dummy bank account in foreign countries. They keep their money hidden from the media, the public, and the government.

Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta Net Worth And Career

Sal was not only a drug dealer but also an entrepreneur. After his arrest, he had about 75 tons of cocaine in the US. This cocaine value was about two billion dollars (cash & asset). After the arrest, Sal Magluta net worth was reduced. According to the rules, the court sentenced them to be guilty in 2003. In addition, the court ordered them to pay a fine of approximately 63 million dollars. Sal Magluta net worth is approximately 400,000 to 500,000 dollars from different resources. They got imprisonment for the rest of their life.

Professional Career

He began his career as a drug smuggler quite early in life. He formerly went to high school with Willie Falcon, a friend. They chose to leave education and pursue this occupation full-time during their senior year of high school when something snapped in their heads. His business first focused on marijuana until the 1970s but starting in the middle of that decade, he started trafficking cocaine. Both of the pals used their respective talents to close agreements.

Additionally, Willie had a reputation for persuading people with his sweet voice and engaging talk, while Salvador was renowned for handling all the preparation. The two successfully attained their goals of fame, wealth, and influence in this way. Their dealings had the unique feature of being conducted inside and outside the US. This was only made possible because of their links with watercraft and pilots, who could readily transport their cargo through zones of rigorous surveillance.

Sal Magluta Speedboat Racer And Entrepreneur

He owned a construction company to earn money and secure his earnings from drugs. So he started his company and increased his net worth. Not only a construction company, but he was also running his real estate business. Besides his drug dealing and entrepreneurship, he was also great as a boat racer. He came into the limelight after winning three championships in the boat race. As a result of his participation in numerous boat races, Sal became a member of APBAC (American Power Boat Association Commission).

Cocaine Cow Boy: The Kings Of Miami’ Netflix

The two famous names drug dealers of the time, “Sal Magluta” and “Willie Falcon,” are from Cuba. They are both not active in drug dealing after police arrest. Their life story was famous, so the filmmaker made a film about their life that was released and available on Netflix named “Cocaine Cow Boy: The Kings of Miami.” People also like the story of these two drug dealers from Cuba. 

Sal Magluta Physical Appearance And Relationship

He will be 69 years old in 2023, as per different resources. Sal is a tall man of 5ft and 9 inches. He is an intelligent man and of 65kg weight. Apart from his physical appearance, Sal had multiple relationships with women. People think he is not married yet and living as a single person. Sal Magluta had a girlfriend named “Marilyn Bonachea.” After dating, he cheated on her and had a relationship with other women, and when Marilyn caught him with other women, she left him.

Sal Magluta Marriage

From many resources, social media, and news, there was no such information about his family, but in the court, a lady named “Isabel” appeared during his hearing. This lady disclosed that she is his wife, but Sal never disclosed anything about his marriage, married life, children, and any other event with his family. Isabel was there all time during his trial.

Sal Popularity On Social Media

Social media is all time favorite for Sal. He shares his videos and photos on all of his social media accounts. He had an account with an unknown name on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Due to his popularity, he was also famous on social sites with many fan-following worldwide. He has 2781 followers on Instagram, where he has shared all of his videos and photos with his friends. 

Sal Magluta Net Worth 2023

As Sal got arrested and lived his life imprisonment, all assets and accounts were frozen by the court. Sal Magluta net worth is about 2 billion dollars in 2023. No other related information about Sal is on social media and the news.


Sal Magluta and his friend Willie started their career together from school life in Cuba. They left their education and started drug dealing. There is no information related to their family and friends’ life. They shifted to the US, did drugs dealing with cocaine and marijuana, and earned a lot which increased Sal Magluta net worth. They were famous around the world and also on social media sites. He had many fans on social media and shared personal photos and videos that his fans liked. He was also a famous speedboat racer for his entrepreneurship and drug dealing. Sal Magluta net worth increased with time from a few dollars to 400k to 500k million dollars.

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Do you know about Salvador Magluta’s siblings?

No, there is no such information about his siblings and parents. They were kept hidden from the media.

When will Sal be free from jail?

He was jailed for a lifetime, and according to the rule, he will be accessible in 2166.

Do You know the Sal ancestry?

He was of mixed American and European ancestry and had brown eyes and black hair.

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