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Sometimes, the world can be a scary place. No matter where you are, there can be dangers lurking around the corner!

A school is no exception. While your children are often safer there than other locations, accidents and injuries can still occur. That’s why it’s so important to discuss school safety with your little ones.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to remind them about. Here are 6 tips on safety for students!

1. Wear Both Backpack Straps

Almost every child carries a backpack around to hold their textbooks and supplies. All those things get heavy, though, so your child should wear both of the backpack’s straps on their shoulders. It’s a bonus if those straps are padded, too.

By wearing both straps, the bag’s weight gets evenly distributed along your child’s back. As a result, they’ll be less prone to getting back pain.

2. Know How to Handle Bullies

It’s no secret that bullying is common in schools. When things get out of hand, a student can get hurt. Teach your child what to do if they ever get bullied so they can maintain safety at school.

Depending on the situation, your little one could confront the bully. But if something dangerous arises, they should get a teacher or faculty member involved.

3. Don’t Talk to Strangers

When it comes to safety for kids, stranger danger is something that shouldn’t get overlooked. This is especially true if your child walks or rides a bike to school.

Tell your child that they shouldn’t speak or interact with any strangers. Unless that person is a faculty member at their school, they have no business talking to your little one.

Don't Talk to Strangers

4. Explain What Types of Touch Are Appropriate

Child abuse and sexual assault are real concerns for most parents. Do your best to prevent them by explaining what type of touching is appropriate.

Be sure to label the different parts of their body as well, including their genitals. Doing so will allow your child to disclose anything that happens to them better.

Let your child know that they can always tell you anything, too. They shouldn’t ever feel guilty or ashamed. In the event something does happen to your little one, contact the school’s administration right away.

5. Review Safe Bus Riding Practices

Does your little one ride the bus to and from school? Following proper bus etiquette and rules is a significant aspect of student safety.

Teach your child to stay seated and use their inside voice while riding. When getting on and off, kids should remain in the bus driver’s view and cross the street in front of them. Let them know that the driver knows how to help keep them safe, too.

Teach Your Kids These School Safety Tips

Your children’s safety should come first, no matter where they are. By having regular conversations about it, you can make sure they know this! Discuss these school safety tips with them, so they’ll always be cautious.

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