Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel Installation: What Are the Disadvantages?

Last Updated on March 10, 2024 by Umer Malik

Solar energy is more than just a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment – it can save you serious cash. How much? Some residents report saving as much as 90 percent on their monthly utility bills after switching to solar energy.

If that’s enough to make you want to slap some solar panels on your rooftop during your next weekend project, not so fast.

Do-it-yourself solar panel installation might sound like a fast and cheap way to put on solar panels, but it comes with a load of disadvantages that could potentially knock out all the advantages of having solar panels.

Here are all of the disadvantages you need to know about do-it-yourself solar panel installation.

You Won’t Have Access to the Best Solar Panels

Solar panels aren’t just another item you can throw in your shopping cart at any home improvement store. Oftentimes, you need to buy directly from a solar panel provider.

Doesn’t sound so bad? Here’s the catch.

These solar panel providers usually don’t sell directly to individuals and will only sell to certified solar panel installation companies.

You Could Make a Mistake

Solar panels might appear easy to set up on the service, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are complicated and heavy pieces of machinery that require a professional to install and set up.

You would risk not setting up your solar panels correctly, or even damaging them beyond repair if you set them up yourself.

You Won’t Be Able to Connect to the Electrical Grid

Solar panels need to be hooked up to the local utility or electrical grid to even work correctly. Individuals generally do not have access to this kind of connection service on their own.

Only a solar company has the ability to set up your solar panels with the local electrical company and grid to ensure proper use.

You Might Not Be Able to Get the Right Permits

Finally, say you know how to install them safely and have acquired some high-quality panels. That still won’t be enough.

In order to capitalize on all of the benefits, you need the proper permits to get set up correctly and obtain the tax credits. These tax credits will help lower your monthly expenses even more.

Many local governments will only give permits to you if you have a licensed solar company installing the panels for you.

Want to Learn More About Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel Installation?

Do-it-yourself solar panel installation isn’t just a lot of work – it could completely nullify all of the benefits of having solar panels! Save yourself a potential headache (not to mention a potential backache!) and hire a professional solar panel installation company.

They will ensure you receive all the tax credits, warranties, and proper connections needed to ensure you benefit from your solar panels for the long term.

For more information on solar panel installations and how to hire the best solar panel installation contractor, be sure to follow along for more articles.