Some Interesting Facts: Stardew Valley Sewer Key

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About: The Sewers Key

In Stardew Valley, The location in the game is known as “The Sewers.” In the Game, the Sewers is in South Pelican Town in Forest. It is initially inaccessible. To enter, the player must have the key(item). Gunther rewards the key to the player. If the player collected 60 items for the museum, either unlocking the city’s sewers or Marnie’s Ranch.

Krobus, a resident of the region, is found in the Sewers. The Dark Tower Trading Co offers a wide range of merchandise, including Sign of the Vessel, Monster Fireplace, Stardrops, and other items. The Statute of Unsafety also allows you to change your jobs for just 10,000g.

Players can find Krobus near the entrance, idling around. Otherwise, he’ll be in his stall, selling various things.

  • Buy Monster Fireplace from Krobus (Selling Stardrops)
  • Purchase Sign of the Vessel from Krobus (Selling Gold Ore)
  • Capture The Slime King Crown (Ores, Gems, and other ores)

The Statue of Uncertainty  of  The Sewers

The Statue of Uncertainty is the most intriguing element in the game’s Sewers. After giving 10,000 gold, you may select a new profession. The first step toward making your farm more productive is choosing a new focus area. Then go home and train in your chosen area of expertise. The game will present players with two screens when they go to bed, each showing a Level 5 and Level 10 profession.

Players need to speak with Krobus in the Stardew Valley sewer during the Dark Talisman quest. After players have talked to Krobus, he will reveal a secret passageway that takes them to the Mutant Bug Lair. Players can acquire the required talisman for calling forth The Destroyer in the Mutant Bug Lair. The Sewers form a large network of tunnels underneath the town of Stardew Valley Game. The player needs to unlock the level using The Stardew Sewer Key in the game.

Multiplayer Sewer Key in Satrdew Sewers

The common problem for players, especially in multiplayer, is that one player could unlock it while another player, not updating their game or having an outdated patch/version of the game, will be stuck.

There are certain parts of the game that the players can’t advance without doing so together. Both players need to reach this part first, where one key is needed for the left character and another for the right character. Left = Leftmost door Right = Rightmost door Lvl 25+ recommended.

When the player and his friend couldn’t unlock the sewers in separate progress, there is a way to share the sewers. If you were playing Stardew Valley multiplayer with your friends or family on a different farm, but you both haven’t unlocked the sewers yet. In which case you have to switch farms instead of farming together.

Players one and two may need to sell and rebuy their villa (or mansion) for coins. Players three and four are not affected by this change. It is safe to say that if both players do not have access to the sewers, they should switch farms.

Stardew  Valley:  The Skull Cavern

The Skull Cavern is in the northwest corner of Stardew Valley (Game). It is initially locked, and the Skull Key is required to unlock it. The entrance will lead players directly into a mine with four silver, coal, iridium, and gold ore rooms. An iron pickaxe is needed to breach the rock wall and access different regions of the skull cavern. It leads to more mining tunnels with copper, platinum, amethyst, topaz, diamond, opal, and jade.

Entrance of The Sewer

The entrance of the sewers is found behind one of the buildings in Pelican Town (Game). Specifically, the house that belongs to Pam (the carpenter). It is located beside her junkyard in the game. Approach the boarded-up well and smash it open using your fist or something heavy like a hoe or pickaxe. Enter inside and follow through until the player reaches an elevator that takes him down into the sewers.

Once you arrive at the bottom, read all signs carefully as they will give instructions on how to proceed safely through each room. Some rooms may be empty with no enemies, while others may contain evil Slime Spirits that will hurt the player upon contact. While not necessary to explore the Sewers.

If one should spot enemies, players are to bring along a decent amount of bait to distract any Slime Spirits. It’s also suggested that they bring explosives with them. There are several points in the dungeon where high-powered explosives reveal hidden treasures or other secrets behind walls or crates. There are also numerous fishing spots located around the sewers. It is advised that the players equip their fishing poles and 25-30 pieces of bait before descending into them.

Loot Inside the Sewers

The loot found inside the sewers includes the usual fare such as trinkets, basic minerals, and ore.  Most importantly, tons of guts sell for 5g each at Pierre’s General Store.

Monsters in The Sewers

There are also monsters to fight and kill, such as giant maggots and monstrous centipedes. They drop Monster Meat when defeated with a weapon (using the player’s bare hands will only get them so far). The players have the slingshot in their inventory while killing them. There is a chance that an egg is dropped after defeating one. These eggs are taken back to the player’s house and hatched inside a chest or incubator. It leads to a surprise pet being added to their collection. The slingshot is also useful for hitting switches from afar, opening up new pathways, or closing dangerous ones behind.

Rock Crab in The Sewers

Rock Crabs hide in the sand along the ocean floor in certain areas. Players cannot hit the crabs with the slingshot. These crabs will explode when players get close. Try to avoid them or kill them using a bomb if necessary.

Immediately after descending into the Sewers, the players should find an elevator.  It takes the players back up to ground level in Pelican Town near Pam’s house, where they first entered. This shortcut is very helpful since it allows quick access to the town, home, bus stop, and farm while still inside the dungeon itself.

Fishing in the Stardew Sewers  

Although the water in the Sewers is dirty, the players may fish there. Here are some of the best fish in the Sewers the player may encounter.

Mutant Carp Level: 5

  • Health: 15/15 XP: 10
  • Attack (damage per hit): 1
  • Defense (protection value): 0
  • Speed (movement speed): 0
  • Karma (reputation modifier): 0

Loot: 1 Raw Fish Description: The Mutant Carp has mutated and grown to an enormous size. Although not yet a danger to ships or other aquatic vessels. The players should still avoid getting too close to one. Don’t underestimate this Carp. Use a strong Rod, and make sure to bring some bait with them. This slippery guy will be hard to catch if he does not.

Carp Level: 2

  • Health: 8/8 XP: 10
  • Attack (damage per hit): 1
  • Defense (protection value): 0
  • Speed (movement speed): 0
  • Karma (reputation modifier): -3

Loot: 1 Raw Fish Description: A common fish that can easily be found in the Sewers. It has a black body and white polka dots on its sides. The players can use basic equipment, and the players should have no problem catching one. Carp is edible if boiled with pepper or brown spice, but it’s not as tasty as koi carp.

Green Algae Level: 3

  • Health: N/A XP: 70
  • Attack (damage per hit): N/A
  • Defense (protection value): N/A
  • Speed (movement speed): N/A
  • Karma (reputation modifier): -10

Loot: 1 Green Algae Description: algae that can be found in the Sewers. It isn’t as slimy as other, more dangerous types of algae. Although it doesn’t seem to do much harm, the players might want to avoid it altogether and find another fishing spot.

White Algae Level: 2

  • Health: 8/8 XP: 80
  • Attack (damage per hit): 2
  • Defense (protection value): 0
  • Speed (movement speed): 0
  • Karma (reputation modifier): -3

Loot: 1 White Algae Description: algae with a bluish-white color found in the Sewers. Like other algae, it isn’t as harmful as mutant slime, but the players should still avoid preventing any harm.

Things you don’t know about “Stardew Valley Desert

Trash Level: 1

  • Health: 8/8 XP: 5
  • Attack (damage per hit): 1
  • Defense (protection value): 0
  • Speed (movement speed): 0
  • Karma (reputation modifier): -3

Loot: 1 Trash Description: Trash that the players might find while fishing in the sewers. It’s flimsy and ultimately not even worth boiling down into fertilizer or selling for a small amount of cash at the Bazaar.

Fishing equipment suggested for this location: Rod, Bait (preferably Mushroom, Vegetable, or Fruit) Fishing in the Sewers is one of the best places to catch Carp. Although in complete darkness, the players may also encounter Mutant Carp. Green Algae and White Algae are common catches in the Sewers. And finally, Trash will probably complete players’ catch if they are fishing here with a rod.

Is It Possible To Unlock The Sewers In Stardew Valley?

Unlocking the sewers is relatively easy, but it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. The Rusty Key, which Horst gives you once you have donated the library 60 artifacts, is required to open the door to the Sewers. These include Minerals and Artifacts, which can be discovered through mining, opening geodes, using the hoe on artifact spots, and other methods. Additionally, you can see artifacts by slaying monsters, discovering treasure while fishing, or opening artifacts in vast amounts at the blacksmith. See our complete list of all the things you can donate.

Once you have given away 60 goods and have the Silver Key, you can go to the sewer covering in the village or to the sewer drain near the Cindersap Forest’s southernmost edge. You are permitted unlimited entry with the key.