10 Strategies To Learn About AP Computer Science Exam

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

AP means Advanced Placement Computer Science which includes Advanced Placement courses and examinations covering the computer science field. It is an opportunity offered by the board of colleges to high school students. From this opportunity, students can earn college credit for the courses at the college level. It consists of discontinued and two current classes. 

AP computer science exam emphasizes OOP (object-oriented programming) methodology and checks the JAVA knowledge in students. It includes algorithm, computation theory, and theory of information. Students understand the process of coding through different concepts while preparing for the AP computer science exam.

Here are some strategies that can help to learn about AP computer science exam discussed below:

1. Be Careful While Reading Questions:

Presentation of the questions can be in three different ways: a paragraph, with an example, or through coding. After reading the question carefully, underline the task you want to accomplish and its methods and variables. It is essential to read all the conditions to be aware of the starting and the conclusion of writing.

2. Try to Solve All the Questions:

Many questions may be divided into two or three parts. Each part awarded its credit independently. So, it is necessary to solve all the details of the questions to credit the total award.

3. Keep an Eye on the Time:

Time should be the priority while preparing for the AP computer science exam. Do not spend too much on any question, as this will stick to you on a single question. Instead, make sure you have enough time to solve all the questions.

4. Attend Proper Classes for Exams:

It is best to avoid unnecessary courses that are not useful while preparing for the AP computer science exam. The required methods for exam preparation should take priority. 

5. Be Organized for Your Programming:

To manage your programming, assign meaningful names to the variables and write them neatly. It would be best if you took the time to plan out the solution before beginning a new code writing. While writing your answer, keep some gaps between the lines of code. When you forget to insert or write something, this gap will help you.

6. Be Clear About Your Programming:

Clarity is the most important factor while going through the AP computer science exam. Coding should be clear to avoid any misunderstanding in the program. If coding is clear, it will credit the total award; otherwise, it can deduct the scores of exams.

7. Practice:

Practice is essential in the AP computer science exam. While doing practice, you can compare your preparation with those who have already scored and evaluated. In addition, previous years’ practice papers can help you to boost your confidence level.

8. Pay Attention to Task Verbs:

In the exams, you will see different task verbs that require close attention. So, pay attention to the task verbs you see, like assume or suppose, complete program code, and implement or write.

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9. Know About the Test Format:

To learn about the AP computer science exam, one must know the test format or exam format. For example, the number of multiple-choice questions and the number of free-response questions will help you practice the exam and help to divide the given time properly.

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10. Method of Grading:

All the parts of the exam do not have the same weightage, so choose the maximum scoring questions first. Try to solve the questions till the end to acquire full marks.

Ten main strategies can help learn about the AP computer science exam and also helps to achieve good marks. It is an advanced placement computer science exam, so this exam’s preparation should also be advanced. 

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