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Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Banking has transformed since the introduction of net banking apps. Some banks even allow the facility of online account openingin their apps using which clients can open a savings account. Such apps provide all the banking facilities ata single touch on a smartphone. Thanks to these features and many more, banking has become smoother, safer, and easier. Any app that provides banking services should stand true on some fundamental features that form the building blocks of all the services it provides. In this article, we will talk about those features.


The best net banking app should always be there for the bank’s clients—always ready toserve. The app should be available on Android and iOS platforms to serve the banking needs of millions of people using these platforms. We all know that banks could temporarily stop functioning because of many reasons such as a branch shifting, union strikes, and so on. This is where a net banking app is much more useful as it would be available 24/7.


The best mobile banking app should be secure. Any customer would want their money and indentity to be safe while they transact money using a banking app. They want their account number, IFSC code of their bank branch, their account balance, and other details to be kept away from prying eyes. To ensure this, the app should put the best security features into place. For instance, the app should use biometric authentication to allow the client to access its services; the app should use multi-factor authentication and strong dataencryption protocols to keep the transaction and its details private.

Tracking ability

The best phone banking app should track all the transactions happening through its interface. It should keep all the details in its database securely. This would help clients know when they sent or received the money in their bank account in the past. The app could then use this fundamental feature to strengthen other similar features that will be discussed below.


By tracking the transactions and maintaining its database, the bank’s app can analyze the earning and spending habits of its clients, and use that knowledge to help itself adapt to each and every client’s needs. For instance, if a client has a habit of investing in FDs, then the app should adapt and show the client the best FD investment portfolios. Adaptability would also help the app quickly integrate a new payment technology or feature that is introduced in the country. Adaptability would ensure that the best net banking app grows with the changing needs of the banking landscape.

Grievance redressability

Trackability of the banking app would help clients with redressing their grievances. As the app would keep transaction data secure in its database, if a client finds that one of the transactions didn’t proceed as it was intended,the client can lodge a complaint stating their case. And the app would look into the database to find any discrepancy in the transaction,and thereafter solve the complaint. But to make solving grievances easy, the app should provide an in-house facility for a client to lodge a complaint.

So, these are the fundamental blocks that are part of the best net banking app. Have a nice day!

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