The Current Scenario of PC Market

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Technology shapes our way of life heavily. Technology offers us many things to ease our lives. Still, technology has a lot to offer in the days to come. We cannot wholly predict what is going to happen next. Today, we will discuss the scenario of the pc market in brief.

We see fair competition in the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) market after ages. There was a time when Nvidia and GPU were two similar terms. Ryzen was there in the market, but only in papers. The scene is different now, and AMD is on the throne. The latest AMD processors are a true competitor to Intel processors. If we compare head to head, AMD offers proper flagship offerings at a competitive price. These are the reasons why consumers prefer AMD nowadays. To join the competition, Intel announced their enthusiast-grade gaming GPU based on Xe-HP chip design.

The PC (Personal Computer) market is very costly right now. The prices are high everywhere due to the shortage of raw materials. The shortage happens since the outbreak of Covid-19. We had to close our borders and stay at home for a long time. From manufacturing to shipment, everything came to a standstill.

On the other hand, miners are increasing at a reasonable speed. They buy pc components and wireless smoke detector regularly, which is another reason why the market is not stable yet. Recently, most sellers are not selling a single piece of GPU or cooler unless you buy the whole setup from them.

It has been a long we have used DDR4 ram on our computers. It is time to adopt support for DDR5 ram. There are rumours that DDR5 will hit the market this year. It will be overpriced at first, but the extra speed will be beneficial to the enthusiasts.

On the other hand, PCIe 4.0 (Peripheral Component Interconnected Express) is not vastly used by consumers yet, so the PCIe 5.0 will probably hit later in 2022. PCIe 5.0 will give us faster SSD speeds and more bandwidth peripherals for sure.

Covid-19 forces us to maintain social distance. It is one of the reasons why eSports is very popular right now. We had to spend our time inside our homes; thus, the number of gamers have increased a lot. Once there was a time when parents forbade their children to avoid online games. However, schools, colleges were shut, so the children had plenty of time to spend virtually. They had nothing but online gaming platforms to pass their time.

So, mobile games like Fortnite, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground), Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Apex Legends, etc., were a massive hit. Similarly, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Grand Theft Auto V, etc., were gaining heavy traffic on pc platforms.

These are the reasons why streaming essentials were short in the market. This gaming industry got a boom recently, and credit goes to Covid-19.

Finally, the pc market is not stable yet. There are shortages of product, and some buyers take advantage of this issue. So, if you are not in a hurry, wait for a couple of months to build your pc.

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