The New Mercedes EQS Exterior

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

The new Mercedes EQS is a fully electric luxury limousine by Mercedes-Benz. This car in specific here we have the brand new Mercedes-Benz EQS. The addition of one exterior paint is a two-tone on the tope we have the obsidian black on the bottom high tech silver.

This car contains an AMG line exterior package on that one and a lot more cool features here we will discuss. Before we are going to explore all the advanced features if you want to drive the Mercedes brand in Dubai visit Luxury Car Rental Dubai.

This vehicle is more than 5 meters long. It is fully electric with a 700 km range. All-wheel-drive 385 kilowatts which are around like more than 500 brake horsepower. The headlights of the S-class the EQS specific headlights. We have the three LED torches, the digital lights are like S-class in addition to that this car contains the EQS specific LED front bar which is essential for every EQS model. Apart from this, visit this site if you want the best quality lights for car interior.

Concentrating on the front grill it is not a grille this is the nice looking Mercedes Benz 3D star emblems as well as the front Mercedes Benz star with the front camera. Mercedes Benz star emblem is also on the bonnet.

This car has a very slim design less lines which just looks so crazy and elegant. In the front, we have the AMG line-specific front bumper which makes this car so much sportier.         

Now it is time to talk about the side because this thing is just different. The sidewise design is also cool, the rim of the car is 21 inches sporty rims AMG line looking very decent nice on that on the side.

The rare look of Mercedes Benz is also lovely. The taillights are so special they contain a 3D design element. It also contains an LED bar in the rear which makes this rear in total so much more special than all the other models. Like other Mercedes brands, this car also contains a rear star on the bottom and also the rear diffuser as this is a fully electric vehicle.           

One another unbelievable feature is this car is an aerodynamic masterpiece created by Mercedes-Benz through the one boat design. In luxury cars Mercedes brand is on the top, Luxury Car Rental Dubai offers you Mercedes vehicles.

The New Mercedes EQS Interior

You don’t need to open the door by yourself you just hold the unlock button on your key. Just look at this and as soon as you step closer to the doors the front drivers and co-driver door open automatically and now it is time to talk about the new mbux hyper screen.

The interior hyper screen of the new Mercedes EQS is a 141 centimeter wide curved shape. We have a total of 3 screens in total one in front of the driver. One in the center console and another one for the co-driver. In previous models, the right-hand side was so empty but now with the EQS came the change. We have another display for the co-driver on the right-hand side.   

It is very impressive and yet EQS is shaping the future is making another step forward. The steering of this model is the non-AMG line progressive steering which we already knew from the E-class and the S-class is finished. In a white leather trim which makes it look so cool in addition to the nice ambient lighting.

This feature is not the same as we have with the S-class with the active ambient lighting. This is slimmer and gives a more decent touch it is not as extreme but still it is looking amazing. We even have it on the seats. Don’t miss this car just drive it through Luxury Car Rental Dubai.