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Generally made of food-grade high-quality flexible plastic material, Crest Whitestrips can contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. When you apply the strips to the teeth, the whitening gel will press against the surface of the teeth. Once applied, the whitening gel will penetrate your tooth and begin the whitening process. 

In order to enjoy the best result from this, you need to use them regularly for 10 to 15 minutes every day. There is no doubt that using Crest Whitestrips is a cost-effective method to whiten your teeth. However, there is something that you should keep in your mind before using the product. This way, you can avoid possible side effects. 

You can brush your teeth before applying the strips

Some experts will say that one shouldn’t brush the teeth prior to application. But you can do that. Toothpaste is acceptable, yet it is not compulsory. However, you should not use kinds of toothpaste that contain fluoride before the application of the strips, as this can make the whitening strips ineffective. After brushing the teeth, properly rinse your mouth. How can this help you in teeth whitening? Well, brushing your teeth will open the pores located in the teeth, and the whitening agent will work effectively. You should apply the strips around 30 minutes after the brushing. 

Use carefully to avoid uneven whitening

You should place the whitening strips on your teeth with maximum level of precision. Well, it is a fact that it is hard to cover all the teeth with these two-dimensional whitening strips. There will always be a few teeth that will not be fully covered. And the portion of your teeth that are not covered with the whitening strips will have an uneven whitening result. So, while using the strips, don’t rush and take your time and try to properly cover the teeth to enjoy the even whitening effect. 

Beware of gum problems

As per the experts, the bleaching factor of the Crest Whitestrips is a crucial part of the teeth whitening process. Even though it may not be that intense as the whitening gels used by professional dental specialists, still the strip’s bleaching chemical can damage the soft tissue of the gum. So, while using them, you should avoid placing the whitening strips on the gums. You can do that by cutting those strips to match your teeth’ size. 

Tooth sensitivity and possible damage

Some studies have proved that overuse of whitening strips can lead to tooth sensitivity in the long run. Besides, in some cases, it can also damage the enamel of your teeth. If the enamel has eroded or damaged, it will not grow back. So, this will make the nerves of the tooth vulnerable to tooth decay, temperature sensitivity, and more issues. So, before you start using the strips, you should consult a dentist. Besides, you should follow the instructions and recommended time frame to keep your teeth protected. 

Keep these things in mind and carefully use the Crest Whitestrips to easily whiten your teeth at home without spending a lot of money. 

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