Tim Donaghy's Net Worth

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Tim Donaghy is a sportsperson. Tim Donaghy was a well-settled referee of the National Basketball Association. In 2007, Tim Donaghy fixed the basketball match. Gambling is against the rules of the National Basketball Association. Tim Donaghy had great information about players, rules, coach, and head, and it was easy for the referee to bet and make a gamble. Read the article to learn about Tim Donaghy’s net worth and more. 

Tim Donaghy’s net worth  

Tim Donaghy's Net Worth  

Tim Donaghy’s net worth constitutes 3 Million Dollars. 

Tim Donaghy’s net worth as a basketball referee 

Tim Donaghy is well educated and has dramatic respect for sports due to his father. He has a degree of bachelors and has worked for seven different seasons for the basketball game in Continental Basketball Association. He spent a lot of years working hard for the experience and neatness in their work. Tim wanted to understand the game as he was the first to learn firsthand.  

Tim Donaghy income 

At the start of his career, Tim Donaghy earned 400 thousand dollars per year from his profession as a referee. Tim Donaghy’s net worth is from 1 Million Dollars to 4 Million Dollars, and it is increasing with time. 

Tim Donaghy has a 13-year of experience in the basketball game as a referee. Tim Donaghy started his career in 1994 and ended in 2007 due to the blame for fixing the basketball match. The career compiles regular season games and post-season games. Tim Donaghy has completed more of the regular season games. The salary of the referee was from 180,000 Dollars to 550,000 Dollars. Tim Donaghy’s net worth depends on the salary of being a referee. At the start of his career, Tim Donaghy got $400,000 from the game per year.  

Tim Donaghy fixed basketball match 

After 2006, Tim Donaghy used to bet on every correct pick of the related Team. Tim Donaghy is fixed at about $2000 on each ball pick, and the players get hurt because of the incorrect decision. According to Tim Donaghy, there would be many situations for the fix of the match. It could be information from another referee, and it could be sharing tricks. Tim Donaghy claims he has never broken any rule of the National Basketball Association. Every pick in the game is according to the situation, even though the match is fixed.  

Tim Donaghy and controversy gamble of basketball match 

The referee cannot bet on any field and time about the game. The National Basketball Association filed a case against him, and the federal court entitled Tim that he had fixed the National Basketball Match and become part of gambling. Many sports personalities confirm the blame that Tim bet and fixed the match. Tim Donaghy was in prison for fifteen months. Tim has never accepted the blame for the gambling and fixing of the match. Many personalities said Tim had fixed the match, but he had controlled the result at the end of the match. Tim Donaghy always tried to convince the fan to be fair and transparent. Tim has cleared that he has not been conscious and intentionally signed any document or agreement about the bet and gambling. National Basketball Association forced Tim Donaghy to change the right decisions. 

Tim always makes his fan clear that he is not at fault. The National Basketball Association made Tim a figure for hating. National Basketball Association claimed that Tim Donaghy did cheating and fixed the match. And so he got a paradox and went to prison for that reason. Cheating and fixing matches will always be a stamp on the career. Tim Donaghy scrolled down all the regulations and standards set as basketball game referees while he fixed the match. 

Tim Donaghy’s life after prison 

Tim Donaghy’s lifestyle after the solved paradox was away from sports. Tim Donaghy started working in Gambling Treatment Center. He also started working as a referee in a Wrestling League. He had decided to work in real estate property. Tim Donaghy blamed the National Basketball Association for fixing the game.  


Tim Donaghy’s net worth earned being a basketball referee, covering thirteen years of excellent work. Tim Donaghy’s net worth varies with time. The referee was very famous, but a controversy changed his life. The National Basketball Association has blamed him as a match-fixer. Tim Donaghy was the hatred referee only due to gambling in the basketball game. Now, he remains away from social media.   

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Who is Tim Donaghy?

Tim Donaghy is the Ex-Referee of the National Basketball Association.

For how long was Tim Donaghy imprisoned?

Tim Donaghy was Prisoned for 15 months.