3 Tips for How to Save Money on Utilities

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The average American household uses 10,000 KW hours of electricity per year. That statistic wouldn’t make much sense unless you paid close attention to physical science in high school.

Think of it like keeping a light on for 10,000 hours. A light uses less energy than that, but it’s enough context for the average person.

All that energy can get expensive, fast. If you’re looking for ways to save money on utilities, you have tons of options. Learn three ways to save money below.

1. Install Solar Panels

You know that you need to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s why you’re reading this article (well, that, or cost-related reasons). Luckily for you, installing solar panels can help you do both.

While they have a higher-cost buy-in, they’ll save you much more than you spent over time. Some states even have tax rebates for people who install solar panels or incentives that can help you get them installed.

Following the other tips on this list can help you make the most of your solar panels so that your local energy company can pay you for the excess energy you produce but don’t use.

Visit your county or state’s website to learn if your city has any rebates and/or a solar energy buyback program.

If you can’t yet afford to install solar panels, look into the benefits of solar window film. It filters out some of the more harmful rays, which can reduce heat, prolong the life of your furniture and floors, and reduce UV exposure.

2. Use Power Strips for Electronics

Power strips and surge protectors should be a requirement for plugging in expensive electronics. Surge protector power strips protect those technological investments from energy irregularities, making sure they don’t get fried.

So while that will save you money from not having to buy a new computer or TV, these strips have another vital component: the on/off switch.

Back in the early 2000s, we learned that our electronics and appliances use energy even when they’re not using them. But who has time to run around the house unplugging everything before leaving?

That’s where power strip on/off switches come in. Instead of unplugging many things, you just hit the on/off button and turn off a batch of appliances at once.

Of course, you should never unplug anything that needs electricity to work, like your security system, your refrigerator, or your router. Especially if that security system is wired to your internet!

You’ll see an improvement in your energy bill and realize how rarely you use some things, which you can then leave regularly unplugged.

3. Seal Your Windows and Doors

Who else had a parent who would yell at you to shut the door, so you don’t let the heat or AC out? While it seemed like our parents were being dramatic, it’s time to realize that they were right as adults.

Energy leakage is real and maybe makes a real impact on your energy bills. But it’s not just from leaving doors open. Bad weather-proof seals around your doors and windows are also to blame.

Have a window company come out and test your seals, or do your own test on a windy day. There is a range of solutions to this issue, from DIY seal replacement (cheapest) to getting new windows (most expensive).

It’s Easy to Save Money on Utilities With These Tips

Whether you choose to take the plunge and install solar panels, install tinted (insulating) window film, fix your air leaks, or unplug appliances, saving money on your energy bills is easy.

There are thousands of other ways to save money on utilities, which we hope to cover in the future. For that and future helpful content, follow our blog!

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