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How can you support your health while constantly moving from place to place? Is it possible to eat well, fit in exercise and rest when you’re focused on plane schedules, packing and meetings? Without a doubt, frequent traveling for work makes it hard to stay on top of fitness plans. Rather than constants, you’re faced with variables, forcing lots of juggling.

Despite the challenges, you matter, so make health a priority. There are ways to support your body and mind without feeling overtaxed. Rely on the following tips to help alleviate obstacles and assist you in maintaining appropriate nutrition, focus and exercise.

1. Think About What You Eat

Okay, you’re not at home with a fully stocked fridge. That environmental factor is challenging, leaving you to seek nutritious options and avoid the convenience of fast food. You land at your destination hungry. It’s tempting to grab a burger and fries from the nearest fast food stand. While waiting for a flight, you may want to chill with a latte. Add the dinners out, and your calorie and sugar intake can quickly get out of control.

Make a goal to enjoy something you like but spend most of your time choosing well-balanced options that offer lean protein and veggies. Grab a lettuce wrap sandwich rather than a whole sub. Pick salads or grilled meats with greens for a dinner out with clients—plan with a list of places that offer healthy eating on the go selections. It’s not about giving up everything but learning moderation.

2. Pack Your Favorite Water Cup

No, you can’t bring all your faves along for the trips, but a durable, refillable water cup may prove helpful. Bring it with you in the car, on the plane and carry it around to your meeting locations. It’s a good reminder that your body needs more than food; it also requires hydration.

Mayo Clinic notes that the body consists of 50% to 70% water. Those levels maintain organ functions, aiding in temperature regulation, energy levels, focus and waste elimination. The group encourages men to consume 15.5 cups daily and recommends 11.5 fluid cups for women.

Why not just grab a bottle as you go? A refillable one allows you to keep topping it off throughout the day, and you don’t have to hunt one down. In addition, people like different styles of tops. What about getting tired of water? Pick up a flavor enhancer. It could make it more enticing!

3. Dedicate Time To Exercise

Working out may be challenging without a dedicated space, but try to find convenient ways to fit it into your schedule and location. Your equipment is at home. See if your hotel has a dedicated space for exercise. Many have gyms that are available early and late. Try to hop on a bike, use the equipment or walk on the treadmill.

Not everyone wants to hit the workout room. For those that want ease without being around others, consider investing in a fitness class app on your phone or tablet. Choose from a selection of courses, from cardio, core and yoga. Make a bit of room, and complete it at your leisure. Small exercises pack easily into your bag. Consider resistance bands that add tension but don’t weigh down luggage.

Try and get up early in the morning to ensure you get it squeezed in. You may find yourself adding items to your daily schedule as the day passes. Getting it knocked out first means you won’t have to worry about completing it late at night.

Finally, try to book places in areas where you can walk. Is there a hotel near the worksite? Book it to increase your steps. Move around throughout the day. Pick restaurants within walking distance. Move as much as possible. Being on the road makes schedules difficult. You’re away from the consistency you may want to help keep you on track. Don’t let that stop you. Instead, get creative with your travel habits and routines, dedicate yourself to making nutritious choices, drinking your water and fitting in exercise.

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