dream house

Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

“Dreamhouse” this word is enough to bring a huge smile to the faces of people. Most of us have already envisioned and thought of the kind of house we would like to live in. How tall would it be or what floor we would live on? The number of rooms or a duplex apartment? Modern and monochromatic or rustic and vibrant? These are questions that many of us have ready answers to. The sheer number of images you may have in your mind about your dream house would be massive. It, therefore, becomes supremely important for you to get what you want in terms of that house you were looking forward to living in. Designing the perfect house comes with challenges and excitement.

Finding a house construction company that would customize your house according to your needs and preferences would be a boon. A professional company would be a starting point and stepping stone for you to be able to live in a house exclusively made for you. If you are the lucky one to have gotten this incredible opportunity to be able to create a space that is well suited to your preferences and lifestyle, you would need to make sure that you are leaving no stones unturned in grabbing hold of this chance and using it best to your advantage.

You may have several questions like – where do you start, whom do you hire, how do you plan, etc? Here are a few tips that may help you navigate through these questions and will get you one step closer to your dream house.

  1. Create a well-planned budget – As much as it hurts to hear this, dreams do come at a cost too. One of the biggest disadvantages but the primary thing to remember would be to ensure to not over-budget your expenses for the house that you are planning to build. It is easy to get carried away by the extravagance that is associated with this sector. Not only in terms of the land and the plot but also in the other intricacies of the house like – lighting and other fixtures. One of the main reasons why having a budget that is logical and limited would prove to be beneficial is because it would be better to have a plan rather than cutting costs later. Get an approximate but realistic estimate of the house construction cost in Bangalore or any other city along with the several different aspects that would encompass this project before you sit down to plan.
  • Match your home to the lifestyle – What would be the point of a dream house if it does not suit the kind of lifestyle, you are looking forward to living? What this means is that envision and plan to build the kind of house that will suit and match your needs. For example, depending on the number of people in the house, you would design the number of rooms. You do not want the house to be too massively big or too cramped up. Similarly, the storage space, the need for a guest room, a big hall to throw parties in, a theatre or lounge area, a home gym, a fully equipped kitchen, etc all of these would have to be well thought of. Imagine loving to cook but not having enough space in the kitchen to be able to try out your experiments? To avoid all of that, take a look back at the kind of lifestyle you see yourself having.
  • Decide upon the style of the house – Even though the plan of your house may not be fully and concretely done, you can still have an idea of the style that you would want to have. The style would mean – modern or traditional. The construction company would make sure to keep that idea in mind before coming up with a blueprint of the plan of the house. Traditional houses lean more towards tall and pointed roofs and often see exposed brick or stone. The window designs may also be smaller. Contrarily, modern houses would see muted colors and large windows with a much more spacious interior design. The floor plan would also differ in the two styles. Even among these, there are several intricacies that you can choose for your homes.
  • Plan things to communicate to the builder/architect – Working with a professional company or an architect would entail a lot of communication, initially more from your end. This is because the layout artists and the planners need to be sure of what exactly you are expecting them to create. You can provide them with a brief design and a vision that you can, then, in collaboration, expand upon. They might require from you
  • The budget and the time frame
  • The lifestyle that you are planning to live
  • Requirements of the rooms and the space
  • Your preferred style
  • Any reference images that you have found
  • Floor plans
  • Find someone who can execute the plan – Finally, it is of utmost importance to be able to find a construction company that will execute your dreams to the T. To be in total tandem with the people who are responsible for your dream to come true is what will reduce obstacles and effort. A company that understands your needs and desires even with the slightest of communication would be vital. The proper execution of the aesthetic part along with the functional aspects should be on the radar of these designers. Ensure that you match your designer in terms of taste and values so that you can work together to build on your dreams

Building your dream house is a task that many wish to accomplish. When you have an opportunity such as this, make sure that you are doing the best possible things for a smooth and steady operation. Use these tips and work on your dreams to make them real!