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The year 2022 is the time to make money online. There are so many options and creative ways that you can make extra money or completely fund your income. Some businesses folded during the pandemic, but others blossomed and grew exponentially. The online gambling industry, which offers online casino games to its customers, was (and still is) one of the industries that exploded. 

We look at some easy and creative ways to fill your wallet with extra cash and live the dream of working from home or anywhere you like. These methods are so easy that we’re surprised that not everyone is doing it. Continue reading and learn more!

Complete an Online Survey

If you enjoy sharing your opinion on everything, you’ll love online surveys. All you need to do is share demographic information when you sign up, and you’re all set. Sites like Survey Club will match you to companies that require a survey to be completed, and you’ll answer some easy questions and get paid. Surveys can take from 30 seconds to approximately 20 minutes to complete. The more surveys you accept to complete, the more you’ll get paid! Other similar survey sites are InboxDollars, Vindale, and Product Report Card.

Selling Your Photos

You could sell your photos online if you have skills in taking fantastic images. There are many sites available that allow photographers to upload their photos. Pick a genre and take some pics about it. These photo stock sites store photos of every topic and genre, and editors, designers, or writers can download these photos for their projects and pay you for them. The great thing about online photos is that your masterpiece can be sold many times, not just once. So you have the opportunity to make lots of cash on just one picture. Shutterstock and PhotoShelter are excellent stock photo sites – check them out!

Publish ‘How-to’ Videos 

The coolest website in the world, YouTube, has become the ‘go-to’ website to get instruction videos on baking the best cakes, servicing cars, using Excel, to painting a house, to name a few. Find a subject you’re well versed in and make an instruction video. You can monetise your instruction video by charging subscription feed or password-protecting videos for paying viewers only. 


You can become an online translator if you’re versed in a foreign language. Many ex-pat English-speaking communities worldwide want to learn the language of their new country. There’s a growing need for translation and interpretation experts. Check out Welocalize, ranked as the best translation and interpretation website. 


If you’ve never heard of drop-shipping, it’s a method in retail where the seller doesn’t have an actual inventory of the product they’re selling. Sounds crazy, right? Instead, when a customer creates an order for a product online, the drop-shipper purchases it from a third party and ships it to the customer. 

There are no costs for storage or expenses for maintaining your products. You also never have to buy products in bulk, praying you’ll sell your bulk merchandise to make a profit. This method is popular on online selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.


Establishing your own online tutoring business can be great. You work your own hours and charge what you like. You can tutor in many different subjects. If you offer discounts to prospective clients to sweeten the deal and you choose a subject like English, you’ll have many people standing in line. It seems strange, but many people in Asia still can’t speak English. 

With China making a significant impact in the business world, many business people want to learn Mandarin to show their Chinese business partners respect, which will ultimately smooth their business dealings. Look for a gap in the market, and take advantage! 


If English is your native language and you love reading, you already have a foot in the door. Many companies are paying good money for good proofreaders. It can be very lucrative if you do a lot of it. Agencies pay approximately $18 to $20 per hour. You can work part-time, full-time, or wherever you want. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop all day and getting paid. 


Online copywriting is a mega industry with many opportunities. Companies are on the lookout for fresh marketing content from creative copywriters. You can write in any language. It’s not just limited to English. You can write from anywhere, set your working hours and get paid in US dollars. 

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Being a transcriber is very easy. You must listen to a conversational audio file and type the conversation. That’s it! Transcription jobs are paid by the hour, and you could earn up to $2 per minute. If you can type between 75 to 100 words per minute, it’ll take you, on average, four hours to complete the job. It’s worth looking into!

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