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The world has gotten so very soft. With the rise of political wokeness, everyone is afraid of saying things they aren’t supposed to. One fears telling the wrong things and being canceled. However, getting canceled is no joking matter, as so many good public figures have been canceled over the last decade just because they said the wrong thing at the wrong time. One might think, men can’t be men anymore.

But what would happen if there was a sudden war in the country and everyone had to defend themselves. Would it be canceled matter? You are teaching your son so many life lessons, but is he prepared to deal with the real world? Would your son survive a few days in the wild? The time has come to rethink parenthood and teach your son things society would not. Continue reading this article to learn helpful parenting tips to make your son manlier.

Positive Self-Expression:

They say boys can cry, and it is perfectly natural for boys to cry. Of course, it is! But that doesn’t mean your son should cry. Instead, teach him ways to defend himself in a way that doesn’t force him to violate laws. For example, you may let him take a self-defense class to teach him moves to protect himself if needed. Boys don’t bully tough boys. Therefore, if you want your child to grow up in a healthy environment, be sure to look for a gym trainer or a karate teacher who can mold your kid into a stronger being.

Challenge Stereotypes:

 Fathers often harm their child’s psychological growth because they force their ideas into their children. The fathers have a preconceived notion of what constitutes manliness. Therefore, any deviation from the traditional manly avatar may raise the cause of concern. For example, they associate physical strength with the men, while long hair and makeup with the women. But, as a 21st-century father, you should let go of the rigid rules and let your son grow up in a supportive environment. For example, if your son wants to keep long hair during his teen years, support his decision without questioning his manliness. Long hair or makeup has nothing to do with masculinity or sexuality.

Introduce Different Sports:

If you are worried that your son might be in touch with his feminine side a bit too much, you can always reintroduce to him classical American sports. For example, you can take your son to the field and make a game-day out of it. Playing games with your son lets you spend quality time with him while teaching him different aspects of sports rules.

  • Nothing screams more manly than shooting with guns. When your son is of legal age to learn about firearms, you can teach him how to hold a gun and shoot straight. Carrying a gun in his hands will make him feel like a man. He might develop a liking for shotguns and shooting sports. Unless and until you introduce the machine to him, you will not learn about his interests.
  • When you knock down a popper, a toaster target hits the launch bar, throws clay pigeons into the air, and lets you shoot the targets. It is a fun game that you can play with your son and have a bonding experience. Make sure both of you are wearing protective gear, including helmets before you start the game.

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