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Why is it better to have shared custody instead of sole custody?

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There is a new study on custody arrangements and children’s adjustment that states that when children grow up with both parents (either in the same house or with both parents in their lives) tend to be better adjusted than children who grow up in a single-parent household. Even when parents get divorced, it is better to make sure that both parents are in the life of the child (as long as they are not harmful to the physical or mental well-being of the child, of course). Getting in touch with child custody lawyers can help you with the same, and you can ensure that your child has a great childhood, even when parents get divorced.

What happens to children in a sole custody arrangement?

Sole custody can wreak havoc in a child’s life. The study mentioned above talks about how children who grow up in such homes have a lot of emotional problems as well as behavioral problems. It was also revealed that children who grow up in sole custody homes have a lot of problems in school with studies and connecting with peers, have low self-esteem and poorer relationships with other family members. As you can imagine, all of these factors can have a negative impact on the life of the child, and can even change the kind of adult he/she becomes.

Interestingly, it was also revealed that the children who are in joint custody homes score as high on metrics like self-esteem, relationships, studies and social behavior as those children whose parents are together and not divorced. What this indicates is that children do require both parents in their life in order to be more successful and happier adults.

What should you do if you are getting a divorce?

One of the best things you can do for your child is to file for a joint physical custody arrangement, wherein the child will get to spend time with both parents in their homes. Many parents believe that it is traumatic or hard for a child to shuttle between both parents’ homes. However, while it may be challenging, it is something that they will get used to. What they won’t get used to has to live with one parent and not be able to see the second parent.

Speaking to a divorce attorney about the same is one of the most important things you can do when you are considering filing for a divorce. Ask about the likelihood of joint custody, what parents need to do in order to get it, and the kinds of schedules that you can expect in such arrangements. This can help you understand everything that is needed so that you can make a more informed decision.

What should you do?

Speak to an expert child custody lawyer who can navigate the conversations between you and your spouse so that the child’s best interests are kept in mind.

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