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When money goes through inflation and crypto currencies are created it can be concerning if you are trying to invest in certain bonds. There are many different assets you can buy, some of which retain value and stability over time. Gold is one such currency that you should invest in. 

A gold 1 oz coin is an excellent example of gold currency that can benefit your portfolio. They retain value, are easy to store, easy to sell and are beneficial in several other ways. This article will review the benefits and value of American gold coins. 

1) Easy Storage and Tax Exemption 

Despite their high value, it is extremely easy for you to store a gold 1 oz coin. These coins are small and compact, meaning they can be stored securely in home safes, bank deposit boxes, and gold repositories. They are very thin and have a diameter of around 32.7 millimeters, so they can be stored in large numbers while taking up little space. Due to their nature, 1oz coins can also offer tax-free growth in value or even be exempt from taxes upon purchase in certain states like Michigan. 

2) Collectable and Easy to Sell 

Gold coins can also be highly collectible or at least easy to trade and sell. They have unique properties such as designs, mint marks, and age which can make them worth more than their gold content. Collectors and people of interest may look for specific qualities in a coin and offer more than its market value. Despite collector interest, each valued at over $2,000, gold coins are very easy to sell on their own. Gold coins have high liquidity because of the high demand for gold and their convenient handling. 

3) Safe From Inflation With a Gold 1 oz Coin 

Unlike many other currencies nowadays, these coins retain a steady reliable value, slightly increasing with seller prices. Gold is also a finite resource that can’t be printed or produced rapidly in large quantities meaning its value is very unlikely to go down even over long periods of time. If you are an investor, or you wish to rely less on paper and unstable currency, gold currency is an excellent investment. 

It is also globally recognized and retains value despite instability in the market. As an investor, having a diverse portfolio and spreading your currency to different assets can reduce risk and allow for growth in variable assets. On top of this, oftentimes, when other bonds go down in value, the value of gold goes up. Investing in gold coins can protect you from inflation and allow you to save up money for retirement or other future plans. 

4) The Beauty of Gold Coins 

The gold coin is considered to be one of the most popular mint coins in the U.S. and also one of the most beautiful. With their long history in the U.S., as far back as 1986, it is easy to observe how well these coins withstand the test of time. On top of this, gold coins require little to no care and, in fact, can get damaged if you clean them. Gold doesn’t corrode or tarnish so it will maintain its stunning appearance as long as they are stored in a proper container or capsule. 

In Conclusion 

Navigating the world of currencies and assets can be challenging and stressful, especially when many falter or fluctuate too much for comfort. Investing in a gold 1 oz coin can prove to be an amazing choice for those who want stability, a protected future and a beautiful asset. We hope this article informed you and helped you make the decision to invest in gold coins. 

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