Denture Repair

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Learning more about repairing or replacing dentures is the next step to consider when you have broken or damaged dentures. Since many people rely on their dentures to carry out everyday activities like eating, talking and smiling, they need to be sure if they ought to repair or replace their dentures when they are broken. While severe damages may require a complete denture replacement, the right denture repair company can help you restore minor damages to your dentures. The choice to repair or replace faulty dentures depends on a variety of factors like costs for new dentures. Your answers to the questions below will help to guide you on what route to take with damaged dentures:

– How long have you been using the dentures?

– How severe is the damage?

– Will it be cheaper to repair the faulty denture?

– How much will it cost to get new dentures?

– Is there another available denture choice that may be better suited to my needs?

The Benefits of Choosing a Denture Repair Over a Replacement

Depending on the extent of the damage and your specific goals and preferences, your denturist may suggest either a denture repair or complete denture replacement. Below are some of the benefits denture repairs have over replacements. 

A Denture Repair is More Cost-effective

A denture repair is a much more affordable solution when compared to the costs of getting new dentures. For denture users that are unable to afford or simply want to avoid the cost of a replacement, denture repair could very well be the best solution, searching for denture repairs near me should help you on your way.

A Denture Repair can be Completed in a Short Amount of Time

No denture user would prefer to be without their false teeth for a considerable amount of time. Most denture repairs often require a maximum of two to three days to complete. With same-day denture repairs gaining popularity these days, the appropriate mobile denture repairs company can repair and have your dentures sent to your doorstep all in a matter of hours. Even In cases where the damage is a little above average, thus, requiring a lab for restoration, the process is still expected to take less than one week to complete.

A Denture Repair can Extend the Life of Your Dentures 

Dentures can last between 5-7 years with proper care. Sometimes, they could even last for more than seven years in situations where the wear-and-tear effects upon them are reduced when they receive regular denture repairs. Denture repairs are a great way for users to save money from the get-go by not having to purchase new dentures, which is typically far more costly than most denture repairs.

A Denture Repair Ensures that you Keep Enjoying the Feel of Your old Dentures 

Dentures should always feel good when worn and, at the same time, allow its users to function in the manner they desire. Many patients become accustomed to a particular pair of dentures, so they would prefer sticking with older ones compared to switching to new ones. In this case, considering denture repair may be preferable to denture replacement.


If you’ve recently damaged your dentures and are wondering about the best course of action, the above benefits of denture repairs are worth considering. Since it can be hard to tell whether you require a denture repair or replacement, it is recommended that you first schedule an appointment with a dentist to assess the extent of the damage before making a decision between repairs or replacement.

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