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In todays article I am going to introduce you 3 pdf converters which I have used and found a better choice for converting MS word, MS Excel, Power Point presentation, Images into PDF document, and PDF document into Microsoft office documents.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is the ideal offline and online PDF tool to convert, edit, combine, compress, mark, and safe documents appropriately. Practically is restated through the platform to support you change Microsoft Office documents to PDF document very consistently. Soda PDF can convert many document at the same time due to the batch conversion feature of this software. Batch conversion can save both time and energy. The built-in OCR provide assurances you 100% correctness to abstract text while retentive the original structuring. OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. Optical Character Recognition is a technology that identifies text within a digital image. It is usually used to identify text in scanned files and images. For online conversion of you can follow this address

Actually, Soda PDF lets you select parts of transcript to identify on top of giving you the independence to change specific pages or range of the pages reliant on the goal at hand. Soda PDF also convert PDF file into TXT or HTML format to enable common allocation across any device or platform. In my thoughts soda PDF is one of the best converter. All features of this converter is amazing. Its conversions speed is very high. It is the converter which provide high-quality output with a user-friendly interface.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is an expert grade PDF converter that convert, edit, combine, compress, mark, and safe documents appropriately  At a single click Nitro, converting PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents.  Even better, changing over different documents into PDF is likewise upheld by this free download application for Microsoft Windows.

To permitted you of the need to fix any design irregularities, Nitro Pro guarantees to hold PDF transformations that hold the original formating as far as possible. When confronted with different documents to change, the group conversion feature is very helpful to make the multiple document and files at once. This feature also save time and energy.  

This is the best PDF converter programming disconnected thinking about that it additionally gloats of the capacity to change messages and connections straightforwardly into the same PDF design at the snap of a catch. Today I am presenting top 3 PDF converter. Nitro Pro is the 2nd converter in my list. It is also an ofline PDF converter. It also boasts of the skill to convert emails and attachments directly into the equal PDF format at the click of a button.

Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter can convert Microsoft Word, ePub, JPG, etc  into PDF format. It also the option to merge all files into a single PDF document. Iceream PDF converter also offers the reverse process to convert PDFs, including password-protected files, into other formats with images, Microsoft Word documents, and other formats.

Icecream PDF converter is the exclusive Windows platform with a lot of astonishing features like batch conversion and a ready-to-use OCR for scanned PDFs. I already discuse the OCR in SodaPDF Introduction.

Icecream PDF converter is an offline converter which provide full control over the conversion process. It is also lets you tamper with the page size, alignment, borders, spin, and general placing of the content. For ease, we can just select the page range and export it to a required format. Icecream PDF is one of the better example of technology I have ever used for filing and documentation.

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