What Is a Pest Repeller? (With Examples)

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A pest infestation in your home or workplace isn’t just unsettling or unpleasant. Pests can also present serious health hazards by introducing bacteria, diseases, and irritants into an indoor environment.

If you’re a property owner, you might have pest control services on your mind. What are some common pests that invade properties and what can you do about them?

Learning more about the best pest control services in your area can better prepare you to face an infestation if and when it does arise.

Read on to learn more about the three most common pest control services.

1. Bug Extermination

By far, the most common pest control services involve the extermination of bugs. This can include everything from ants to cockroaches to termites to bed bugs.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to tackle a bug problem on their own. There are a few problems with this.

The first is that all bug species can multiply at an alarming rate. Chances are that if you see, for example, two or three cockroaches in your house, there are dozens of them hiding out in dark places.

The second is that oftentimes, DIY bug extermination tactics–even the ones involving store-bought products–aren’t fully effective. Many of these methods don’t destroy eggs, meaning that you’ll have another infestation on your hands in a few days. Plus, you may not know where to look to find the majority of the population.

2. Rodent Extermination

Rodents are another household pest that homeowners may require pest control services to deal with. Like bugs, rats and mice can multiply quickly. They are also adept at nesting and hiding out of sight, taking over the spaces between your walls, crawl spaces, and other nooks and crannies.

Having a rodent infestation isn’t just going to drive your pets crazy. Rodents can also carry diseases and cause damage to the structural elements of your property.

3. Pest Prevention

You don’t have to wait for pests to invade to take advantage of pest control services. One of the most important jobs pest control companies tackle is pest prevention.

How does pest prevention work? For starters, a pest control company can look at vulnerable entry points pests may use to access your home. They can patch up any holes around your foundation or advise you on minor home improvements that will keep pests at bay.

They can also use a variety of deterrents to keep pests from seeing your property as an inviting space. Click to find out more about the best pest control services and how they work.

Get the Pest Control Services You Need from Your Local Pest Control

When you own a property, understanding the pest control services that are available to you is important. Take some time to learn more about your local pest control services and keep your home pest-free.

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