What Is a Pest Repeller? (With Examples)

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What separates pest repeller from pest extermination? Pest repellent’s purpose is to repel pests away from your home or property. Repellent doesn’t kill or exterminate the pests but simply forces them to leave your property due to vibration, scent, or lack of resources. 

Repellent can be a great alternative to pest extermination. Rather than having to exterminate pests on a regular basis, put the right pest repellents in place and free your property from pests on a daily basis. How can you stop pests from wanting to enter your home or building?

There are several pest repellent options to choose from. When you have several pest repellent methods in action, you can keep your home safe from various pests. Continue reading below for a list of the best repellent options available. 

Repellent Torches

Repellent torches disperse repellent into the air around you. The scent these torches give off will persuade pests to turn the other direction. The heat is what causes the repellent to enter the air. 

Repellent torches are ideal methods of pest repellent when spending time outdoors at night. They also come in handy on a chilly night. The best thing about repellent torches is that they also look great and will boost your yard’s aesthetic. 

You can use them to border your pathways or gardens. Pair them with a backyard fire pit and you can enjoy your entire night pest-free.

Repellent Diffusers

Table-top diffusers diffuse pest repellent into the air similar to repellent torches. However, diffusers will need an electrical socket to be plugged into to work or batteries. These types of pest repellent should be used outdoors.

It’s also important to note that repellent diffusers are only meant to cover a small area and won’t repel pests from your entire property. High winds might also have an impact on how effective the diffuser is. For the best results, place the diffuser in close proximity to you and allow it to diffuse the repellent into the air for several before you need it to work.

Repellent Candles

Repellent candles are another form of pest repellent similar to torches and diffusers. You can light these repellent candles when spending the evening out on the porch. Repellent candles can be used during cool or warm weather since they won’t give off as much heat as the tiki torches.

You can also place a repellent candle on a table you’re sitting at. These candles come in a variety of scents to choose from, so there’s an option for everyone. Candle repellents will repel pests in an isolated area, which work well when you’re sitting directly next to them. 

If you want to cover a larger area, then you can light several candles nearby. 

Repellent Plants

There are many natural plants that repel pests due to the scent they give off. The benefit of using repellent plants is that they look great, are a wonderful addition to your garden, and you can plant various types around your property. Mint, for example, will keep a variety of pests off your property and are low maintenance. 

Basil will help keep the flies and mosquitoes away while lemongrass is specific to repelling mosquitoes. Chrysanthemums, alliums, and petunias will also help repel pests from your property. Choose several different repellent plants to decorate your garden with. 

A good variety of these plants will keep multiple types of pests at bay. 

Repellent Spray

The repellent spray works by giving off a scent that certain bugs aren’t attracted to. Most repellent sprays contain DEET, which creates a barrier between skin and mosquitoes and ticks. However, there are some repellent sprays that don’t contain DEET and will still work to repel against pests. 

Many natural repellent sprays contain lemongrass, peppermint, and citronella. You can spray these repellents directly on your skin to keep you safe from these pesky insects. 

Remove Standing Water

Another great way to repel pests from your property is to remove anything that they may be attracted to. If you’re dealing with constant pest problems, then it’s time to start figuring out why they’re there. Take away what they’re coming for and you can reduce the number of pests. 

To start, remove any standing water on your property. You also need to put away all food and clean any food crumbs. Pet water and food bowls are included. 

Pests are looking for food, water, and shelter. Remove the first two and then remove access to your property by sealing all cracks or holes where pests might be entering. 

Professional Pest Control 

Although there are many ways to repel pests from your property, there might come a time when a professional is necessary. A professional pest control company will know how to remove pests from your property and prevent them from coming back. After putting your repellent methods in place, if you’re still dealing with pests, then consider hiring the professionals. 

The professionals can help identify the type of pests on your property and then take the steps necessary to ensure your property remains protected. 

What’s the Best Pest Repeller Available?

Is pest repellent the right option for you? Which pest repeller is the best one available? If you want to repel pests from your property, then the best route to take is to use several repellent options around your home or business. 

Then, contact a professional pest control company to ensure your property’s protected for years to come. To read more topics on lifestyle and more, be sure to check back here on a daily basis. 

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