Types of Businesses That Serve the Legal Community

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Many businesses serve the legal community, especially law firms. To name a few, there are reliable court reporters who record hearings and depositions, legal document assistants who help draft paperwork for lawyers, investigators who work on background checks, and process servers who deliver subpoenas or summonses to parties in lawsuits.

Mediation companies also provide impartial third parties at settlement talks between disputing parties and paralegals who assist lawyers by researching laws or preparing documents for filing with courts or administrative agencies.

Other businesses may not directly serve the needs of lawyers but also indirectly fulfill the needs of law firms. These include software developers that develop practice management programs or accounting for clients’ use.

If you are looking to have a career in the legal industry, it is important to know about all the businesses that serve it. This way, you can determine which ones might be a good fit for you and your skillset. It also helps to understand how these businesses work so that you can be better prepared when working with them as a client or as an employee.

Court Reporters

Court reporters record hearings and depositions, which lawyers use in preparation for court or settle disputes outside of court. They use specialized equipment to capture the proceedings, including a stenograph machine that records every keystroke and a video recorder to capture the image of everyone in the courtroom. The resulting transcript is a word-for-word account of everything said during the hearing or deposition.

This type of business is crucial to the legal community because it ensures an accurate record of what transpired. Lawyers can rely on these transcripts to help make their case in court or better understand what happened during a deposition.

Legal document assistants, or LDAs, help lawyers draft legal documents. They may be responsible for creating letters, pleadings, or other legal paperwork. Some LDAs also work with clients to gather information needed to create the documents. This can include interviewing the client, researching applicable laws, and drafting the document.

LDAs play a vital role in the legal community by helping lawyers prepare documentation more quickly and efficiently. This allows lawyers to spend more time on other tasks, such as meeting with clients or preparing for court.


Investigators conduct background checks for law firms or conduct investigations into the activities of individuals or businesses. They may use various methods to gather information, including interviews, public records searches, and online research. Investigators often work with attorneys to inform them of any illegal or unethical activity they may have found during their research. This type of business is crucial because it helps law firms avoid working with clients who are known criminals or whose legal activities are questionable in some way.

Mediation Companies

Mediation companies provide impartial third parties at settlement talks between disputing parties, such as in divorce cases or cases involving personal injury. They can also be called upon when two businesses are fighting over the terms of a contract. The mediator does not take sides but works to help both parties come up with an agreement that is fair for everyone involved. Mediators hold official meetings where all discussions must remain confidential and require each party to stay until the issues have been resolved entirely.

Mediation is often a more affordable and quicker solution than going to court. It can also help preserve relationships between disputing parties, which can be beneficial in cases where children are involved.

Law Firm Administrators

Law firm administrators oversee the day-to-day operations of a law firm. This includes tasks such as managing the budget, hiring and firing employees, and maintaining client files. They may also be responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans or organizing Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs.

Law firm administrators play an essential role in ensuring that a law firm runs smoothly. They keep the business organized and efficient, allowing the firm’s lawyers to focus on providing legal services to their clients.

Software Developers

Software developers design and create software programs for law firms. This can include programs that are used to track billable hours, manage client files, or research case law. Developers often work with lawyers and other employees within a law firm to ensure that the program meets their specific needs.

Software developers are essential to the legal community because they help make it easier for lawyers to do their jobs. By creating programs that automate common tasks, developers make it easier for lawyers to focus on providing legal services to their clients.

Many businesses offer their services to the legal community. These businesses play an essential role in the legal profession by helping lawyers prepare documents more quickly and efficiently, investigating possible illegal activity, mediating disputes between parties. By understanding the services that these businesses provide, you gain an understanding of what legal services are needed by the community.