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In the modern scenario, internet connection has become inevitable. From watching programmes on TV to conducting business meetings, conferences, etc everything needs access to an internet connection. Individuals and households can do with a broadband connection which can be shared as downtime is not an issue. 

Modern businesses with a lot of online activities like video conferences, meetings, interaction with the customers, etc., cannot prosper with and cannot afford the sluggishness during peak hours. Loss of time in a business could mean loss of money. Here are some benefits of a leased line that can help business owners decide why it is time to upgrade their internet connection.

Is it time to upgrade your business broadband to a leased line?

How to decide if your business needs a leased line? It is a very confusing decision to make unless you understand the benefits of a leased line. Here are a few points you have to contemplate on before deciding if the upgrade is required for your business.

#1. Why a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated line that offers unwavering internet speed. It is much safer than the broadband connection as it operates in a closed circuit. Multiple usages are the crux of a leased line connection. You can use it for VoIP, data transfer, video conferences, webinars, etc depending on the data provided.

This dedicated line offers various benefits like solid connectivity, 99.9% uptime, dedicated bandwidth, insane speed as high as 1 Gbps and to top it all security. 

#2. Do all businesses require a leased line?

Generally, leased lines are for large businesses where there are a lot of simultaneous internet users and the business largely depends on the internet connection. Establishments like hospitals, financial institutions, MSMEs, etc need a leased line for a seamless performance. For small businesses, a leased line could be too much cost-wise. They are much more expensive than a fibre broadband connection.

#3. Is the upgrade necessary?

Before opting for an upgrade try to deliberate on the points given below

What is the extent of dependency on broadband?

If your business depends highly on the internet connection, then a leased line is a requirement. It offers you consistent high speed with significantly low interruption. This is perfect if businesses where heavy files are downloaded, multiple users simultaneously accessing the network, and the broadband connection is required round-the-clock.

Is a secure connection a high priority for your business?

Since the leased lines operate in closed-circuit, i.e., it is not shared with third parties, security is assured. If your business is dealing with sensitive, confidential and volatile, then a leased line is the best option. If your business is going to suffer significantly due to downtime, then a leased line should be considered. The downtime, though very unlikely, is very less when compared to a broadband connection.


The Investment you can make for the internet connection and the return on the investment in terms of time saved, data protection and convenience is one of the major factors to be considered. 

Other factors to consider

Besides the fundamental factors discussed above, there are other factors that have to be considered before switching from a broadband connection to a leased line.

Location of the business and the business plan

Accessibility to the service provider is important. If your business has several partners located in different areas and the security of data is the prime concern, then a leased line is ideal for the business. A leased line will provide connectivity to all your partners as well as your staff. If there is a provision to work from home in your business and you want to provide a leased line connection to them for fast and secured data transfer. The investment may be significant considering the diversity in location and the number of connections. 

Cloud Computing

Hosted services over the internet is a requirement for large businesses with voluminous data storage and running of multiple applications over the internet. However, considering the investment, it could be an overkill for small enterprises.

Peak time traffic

There is a hub of activity with internet requirements during morning hours. Individuals will be busy on social media, checking emails, etc and employees will be logging into their accounts, storing data and taking backups, downloading and uploading files etc. With a shared connection, there will be a considerable dip in the speed during peak time and not to forget the risk of hacking. A leased line can mitigate all these issues.

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A leased line can be a blessing for large businesses that need a fast and secure internet connection. Though not very cost-effective for small businesses, switching to a  leased line from a broadband connection is a prudent decision if your business requires downloading and uploading large files and there are multiple users. 

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How to gauge the need for upgrading the internet connection?

Answer the following questions and you will know if it is time to upgrade your internet.

  • Does the speed slow down with more users accessing the connection?
  • Does the connection drop in certain areas of your house?
  • Are you charged for using data extensively?
  • Are you paying too much for the existing connection?

How often should the internet connection be upgraded?

In the present scenario when everything is happening online, having a good router is essential for the efficient running of the connection. So the router has to be upgraded at least once every 5 years.

When should you think of upgrading your modem?

If you are constantly encountering the following issues upgrading your modem will be necessary.

  • You are unable to connect to the internet.
  • The connection drops out without any indication.
  • You will have to reset and restart your modem now and then.
  • Your streaming is lagging.
  • The speed is not consistent. There is frequent downtime.
  • The modem indicator light does not switch on.
  • The modem heats up constantly.

What is the ideal internet speed?

A minimum download speed of 100 Mbps and upload speed of 10 Mbps is ideal. With a speed of 100 Mbps, you will be able to attend zoom meetings, play online games simultaneously on multiple devices and you can watch streaming programmes.

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