Varifocals : A Fine Innovation, For A Noble Cause!

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

To stay relevant in this consumerist society, the eyewear industry needs to continuously innovate. Until now, it has done really well to come up with innovative solutions to meet the consumers’ demands. Whether it’s the sunglasses, sports glasses, transition lenses or even the contact lenses, the eyewear industry has read the markets ideally and come up with these useful eyewear variants.

Talking about innovation in the eyewear industry, it would be unfair if we missed out on varifocals. Varifocal lenses have made life simple for many, who were in need of exactly something like this. Let’s see how!

What are Varifocals?

Also known as progressive lenses, varifocals are an advancement made from the bifocal lenses. As the name suggests, bifocals consist of two focal points whereas varifocals have multiple focal points.

The different sections of the varifocal lenses are segregated smartly so that it can serve the purpose of sight correction for near and far objects, and also anything that lies in between. The segregation is invisible to the naked eyes, which is not the case in case of bifocals lenses. This helps enhance the visual appeal of your glasses.

How do Varifocals work?

Using multiple focal points and three visibility zones, varifocals facilitate sight correction for objects at varying distances. You just need it to fit you well. Once this is achieved, the design of varifocals will automatically make it adjust for varying distances, as you look away from an object at a particular distance to one at another.

Varifocals facilitate a very smooth transition as we shift our eyes to objects at different distances. This may not always be the case with bifocals, which sometimes result in abrupt transition.

Who needs Varifocals?

If you are suffering from both the defects of nearsightedness and farsightedness, varifocals are your perfect 2 in 1 glasses. Their innovative design makes them serve the purpose of both reading and distance glasses.

For those with presbyopia – a condition of the eyes, resulting in loss of sight with respect to objects at near distances – varifocals are your go to lenses. 

Trendy Glasses Frames for your Varifocals

Once you have decided to proceed with a pair of varifocal glasses, why not add a touch of elegance by picking up trending glasses frames in the UK. Here is the list.

Metal Frame Glasses

The sleek metal frame glasses are a wonderful option for your varifocal lenses, especially if you want to use it for professional purposes. Metal frames can compensate for the thickness of the varifocal lenses and give your spectacles an overall slim appearance.

Tortoiseshell Frames

The vintage tortoiseshell frames go really well with all lenses, even if they are contemporary such as the varifocals. The greatness of these frames lies in their contrasting features, giving it the potential to enhance your facial features.

Clear Frames

The glassy structure of clear frames make them a classy pair. To give your varifocal lense an out of the box appearance, compliment them with the elegant clear frames.

Geometric Frames

To justify the sophistication of varifocal lenses, why not go with the sophisticated geometric frames. Geometric frames are back in trend and it’s high time you add them to your wardrobe.

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