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What Are The Qualities Of An Earth Sign In Astrology?

Earth Sign

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The 12 zodiac signs break down into further detailed elemental groups. These groups are based on the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. Each of the elements stands alone in their specific characteristics, but they must work together, just as the elements do. Earth sign, in particular, are the most grounded of all the elemental characters. Find out which zodiac signs fall into the Earth category and how each shares the qualities of the others.

Earth Signs & Zodiacs

The most down-to-earth and loyal of all zodiac signs, earth signs work best from a solid foundation. Three zodiacs compose earth signs.

  • Taurus 

Represented by bulls, Taurus babies are born from April 20 through May 20. They are most often described as intense, deliberate, observant, greedy, possessive, and stubborn.

  • Virgo 

Represented by maidens, Virgo babies are born from August 23 through September 22. They are most often described as hard-working, focused, dedicated, perfectionist, insatiable, and judgmental.

  • Capricorn 

Represented by goats, Capricorn babies are born from December 22 through January 21. They are most often described as dutiful, ambitious, visionary, solemn, sensitive, and austere. 

Earth Signs & Traits 

Under the right conditions, earth signs are precisely who you want on your team. They are loyal and reliable. They remain patient and practical under duress. However, the best psychic readings online will tell you that an earth sign can be controlling and irritable in the worst of times. Persistent to a fault, earth signs can seem overbearing. Luckily, earth signs also strive toward balance and quickly return to their sense of duty.

Earth Signs & Love 

Consider the physical aspects of the element when bringing up earth signs at medium readings. This elemental sign is focused on the surface, senses, and organic materials. Earth signs behave according to their element. They first observe the surface level then dig deeper for precious resources. In relationships, Earth signs may seem superficial at first, and there is indeed an emphasis on physical attraction, but the staying power resides in connection and shared values. Earth sign traits essential to keep an eye on in love are stubborn, persistent, and indulgent. 

Earth Signs & Money

Earth signs are great money managers thanks to their strong sense of practicality and their no-nonsense nature. All three zodiacs are wary of change, making them savvy financial managers who calculate risk and invest wisely. Earth signs are also goal-setters who take steps to save for what they need but have no problem spending money on animal psychics or other things they want. Earth sign traits to watch out for in financial matters are controlling, indulgent, and materialistic. 

Earth Signs & Balance

Because earth signs are known for focusing on hard work that builds from a strong foundation, they are adept at balance. Dutiful and reliable, earth signs are patient and willing to be persistent until the job is well done. Thanks to their loyalty, they support others in their endeavors and build friendships, strong relationships, and lasting connections. Earth signs balance their indulgence with practicality and perfectionism with patience. 

Earth signs offer only one aspect of the elemental signs. More research, comparing and contrasting characteristics, and self-reflection will help you better understand how the zodiac signs function within their elemental designations other than daily astrology free reading

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