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What Are Traffic Cones Used For?


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The purpose of safety devices is to reduce the risk of injury or death on the road. It is crucial to follow road safety rules to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It is vital to use well-designed, high-quality, and uniquely engineered road safety devices to keep pedestrians and vehicles safe.

One such standard road safety device is a traffic cone. You can see it anywhere- in crowded streets, on construction sites, or even in corridors and hallways. Whether working inside or outside, tall traffic cones are always essential to keeping workplace hazards at bay.

Applications of traffic cones

●      To control traffic

Controlling traffic is the most popular use of traffic cones. They can also warn drivers about potential roadblocks. Many cones feature high visibility and reflective features, making them more valuable and effective at night.

●      To guide drivers

Drivers who enter a work zone have a lot to consider, including signs, people, and lane changes. It is possible for even the most experienced drivers to become lost and confused about where to go, which significantly increases the chances of going in the wrong direction.

The fact that traffic cones are built to ensure that they’re noticed, even in low-visibility conditions, makes them the perfect device to guide your driving route and reduce the chances of getting lost.

●      To warn about hazardous places

Safety cones can serve as reminders to pedestrians and drivers to proceed cautiously. A safety cone is an excellent visual warning for people to avoid danger, especially on the road and construction sites.

●      To guide pedestrians

You can use the safety cone indoors and outdoors to separate VIP areas or prevent overcrowding. Due to their perception as symbols of authority, pedestrians tend to pay attention to cone placements.

●      To provide safety messages

Cones and floor stands are both very cost-effective when providing safety warnings and messages. They help indicate slippery floors, wet floors, and closed areas in hallways and corridors. Adding an arrow to your cone will also improve visibility for your employees and visitors.

●      At construction sites

Being at construction sites is extremely dangerous for inexperienced people or pedestrians. Tall traffic cones are essential to keep pedestrians away from the area to avoid mishaps. Ensure that traffic cones are bright orange so that everyone can see them.

●      For indoor warning messages

You might be thinking about the applications of traffic cones outdoors only. However, you can use them indoors as well. Cones can indicate areas closed for pedestrians, such as an inoperative restroom, electrical dysfunction, etc.

●      At various places

Cones are ideal as a temporary safety device at various places such as playgrounds, work zones, school parking lots and crossings, sidewalks, loading zones, hospitals, rental facilities, airports, and public or private parking lots.

●      Complying with state laws

The government may also mandate the use of certain traffic cones for specific reasons, such as blue and white in case of medical emergencies and green in cases of radioactive threats. The orange traffic cones are generally used near construction sites or for guiding people.


What is the height of a traffic cone?

The vehicle speed determines traffic cone height on the road they are used on. A cone should be more than 450mm high if the road speed is 30- 50mph, but if the road speed is above 50mph, the cone should be more than 750mm high.

Is it illegal to move traffic cones?

A reasonable person would know that interfering with traffic cones would be dangerous. According to Section 22A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, moving traffic safety equipment is illegal.

Can you drive over traffic cones?

Traffic cones are made of flexible and tough plastic material, making them resilient to being hit or run over. If you accidentally knock over a cone, it is best to put it back in its place.

Why do people place cones in their driveways?

Occasionally, some people place cones outside when their kids are playing. It serves as a reminder to drive sensibly while passing through that part of the street.

Regardless of where you are, it is essential to observe and follow the traffic rules. Evidently, traffic flows differ in different places, along with the rules and regulations.

A traffic cone’s primary function is to provide safety and alert drivers on the road. The cones generally indicate that construction is taking place or the area is unsafe to drive through. So, if a traffic cone is in place, you should always slow down a bit. These safety devices provide a hint about where you are heading and keep you safe from any mishap on the road.

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