Father's Day Gift Ideas For Travel Dads

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Father’s Day celebrations are close by! With only a few days to Sunday 19 June, now is the time to make gift arrangements your travel dad will appreciate. With a wide selection of gifts available for all occasions, online shopping is the most ideal solution to reach out to your dad wherever he is with unique and personalised gifts. Read on as we share the top Father’s Day gift ideas for travel dads.

A tracking device

When travelling, it is common to have luggage mixed up! Thanks to a luggage tracking device, your dad will be stress-free knowing where his bags are during the trip! You can pair the trekking device gift with personalised luggage tags.


Health is wealth! Keep your travel dad healthy with a smartwatch to monitor his physical health while on the go. Smartwatches are also ideal tools to measure the number of calories burnt, the distance travelled, and the steps he takes on his adventures.

Wallet and passport cover

Business cards, bank cards, and travel documents are the first things to check when embarking on a travel adventure. Make the best impressions on your travel dad this Father’s Day with a personalised wallet and passport cover. Discover the RFID Australian Passport Wallet by Simplify Living Australia—an excellent solution for your travel needs. Offering Australia’s top products, Simplify Living ensures comfort, convenience, and safety at the best prices. With numerous satisfied Australian customers and countless 5+ star reviews, they stand out as the preferred choice for those seeking quality and affordability in their purchases. 7

Hydro flask

Keep your dad hydrated on the trekking tour, plane, boat, or bike ride with a hydro flask. With a versatile flask for storing hot or cold water, your dad will always have something to sip from in all weather conditions. Spruce up the surprise by personalising the flask with his name, photo, and more!

Noise-cancelling headphones

Music is therapy for the body, mind, and soul! Give your travel dad a therapy treat with noise-cancelling headphones. So, he can just insulate himself from the unnecessary distractions. There is a wide selection of headphone brands and designs from which you can choose.


It is important to have your essentials when undertaking local daily city routes to trekking adventures. Let your dad know how much he means to you this Father’s Day with a personalized backpack.

Comfortable shoes

Though the quality of transportation may differ from the road, rail, water, and air, your dad’s comfortability should not be affected by the mode of transport in his travel adventures. Keep your dad comfy with ultra-soft and lightweight sneakers.

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Grooming kit

If your dad is into travelling adventures that can go for days, weeks, or months, then he will appreciate a grooming kit. Even though he will be far from his favourite barber, he will be able to maintain his favourite moustache, beard, or clean-shave shape.

Portable charger

Keep your dad’s mobile phone and gadgets charged while on the go with a portable charger. There are different portable charger types for all kinds of travellers! So, choose a charger that’s sufficient for his devices so that he does not face any power issues along the way.

Mini cocktail kit

If your travel dad is also a beer person, then a mini cocktail kit will surely spruce up travel adventures with his favourite liquor. The best items to gift him are personalised glasses, a mini stainless steel flask, and a portable beer belt.

Toiletries organizer

A toiletries organiser is one of the most essential things everyone needs when travelling. There are different types of travel organisers from which you can choose depending on the number of near and dear ones accompanying him on the trips. So, choose a portable organiser that he can tuck on his travel bag for easy access on the go.

Travel notebook

Whether your dad is a travel person or not, a notebook is crucial for noting down memories and his plans for the future. Surprise your travel dad with a personalised travel notebook that has a map of the city from his “to visit destinations”. There are many notebook designs and customisations from which you can choose!

Waterproof blanket

Is your travel dad into hiking, hunting, camping, or bike touring adventures? Then he will probably need to pitch a tent somewhere to relax a little while on his adventures. A waterproof blanket will keep him cosy in all weather conditions.

There you have the best Father’s Day ideas for travel dads. Pick the perfect gifts for your dad from the best online gifting stores. Happy Father’s Day!

A custom-made tumbler

A gift list is never complete without a personalized item, and for dads who already have it all, a custom-made insulated tumbler is perfect. Custom tumblers come in different sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding one that complements the lifestyle of an itinerant patriarch. Of course, the best bit comes from the perk of being able to choose your own design. Create your own layout from scratch, or simply pull the perfect father’s day photo from your phone gallery. Voilà! He’ll have a one-of-a-kind present that’s both practical and sentimental.

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