As-Is Property

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As-Is is a real estate term that refers to a house in any condition, which means anything that affects a home’s value. An as-is property is a home that has structural and construction issues. Houses that need a considerable amount of money to be repaired. However, the term as-is is not exclusive to a home’s physical damages. It also means legal problems involving the property. Such as taxes, foreclosure, financial, and personal homeowners issues.

To put it more precise, the term AS-IS applies to a property that presents Physical anomalies, such as:

  • Major or minor damages.
  • Vandalized.
  • Fire
  • Natural disastrous damage.
  • Tenant misuse.

The term As-Is also means damages that aren’t obvious such as:

  • Liens
  • Foreclosure
  • Downsize
  • Relocation
  • Divorce

Selling As-Is property

Selling a property that needs repairs or improvements is a challenge. First of all, the real estate market and realtors prefer homes in perfect condition. They know buyers’ dream homes are far away from properties that look out of order.

However, if you are a homeowner and need quick cash for your property but the home doesn’t look saleable, and you don’t have the money for repairs, expect rejection from realtors. Fortunately for homeowners like you, professional home-buyers are ready to help you; Investors buy properties As-Is. Investors will buy your property regardless of its condition.

Rental Properties

Some landlords have tenant-occupied properties that they need to sell. Still, they don’t want to go through the hassle of relocating tenants, renovating the house, hiring a real estate agent, marketing the property, showing it, and finally selling it. That is too much headache.

The federal and local eviction ban rules protected renters during the pandemic but were devastating for landlords who could not collect their rent for months. So, Investors can help desperate landlords by buying their occupied rental properties.

At the same time, they help their tenants who want to move out or sign a new lease agreement.

Run Down

No matter the property’s physical condition professional home buyer will make an offer for it. You don’t need to spend a dime on repairs:

  • Flooring or carpet.
  • Water damage and mold.
  • Upgrading kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Gutters and roof.
  • Replacing old windows and doors.
  • Or just general wear and tear.

Home repairs are the main concern for homeowners and small landlords when they want to sell their properties. You can sell your house fast.

Eviction & Tenant Situations

Sometimes things turn ugly with tenants, and you, as a landlord, have no more option than file an eviction. There are cases where the rental property is misused, and landlords get forced to take legal action. Other times you have excellent tenants, but they suffer from neighbors’ hostility over and over, and renting the home has become a nightmare.

Tenant-landlord relationships have been a sensitive issue durant the last two years. On one side, rules prohibited evictions; on the other side, landlords were not receiving any money from their rental investments, carrying out the costs such as the mortgage, maintenance, and property taxes. So you may,

  • have tenants that do not pay rent,
  • or tenants taking advantage of the tenant-friendly laws?

When investors buy a tenant-occupied house, they usually handle the situation and take care of the tenants. Investors often offer tenants to pay for relocation or to sign a rental agreement instead.

If landlords have no money to repair a destroyed rental-occupied home after an eviction process, selling the house to an investor is the best way out.

You may ask yourself, can I sell my house in Bend, Oregon? The answer is yes, you can. You can sell your residence or your rental property to an investor. They will pay for your home in about seven days.

Inheritance & Probate

Sometimes an inherited property causes problems among family members. Relatives may have differing views on time, expenses, and taking care of the house.

Sometimes it becomes a practical solution to sell the property to avoid family disagreements.

You can sell in about no time your inherited home to an investor as-is, no matter what:

  • The house is in bad condition.
  • You and your relatives disagree about the house maintenance.
  • The property is under a probate process.

If you want to sell your inherited property As-IS.  Real estate investors would like to talk to you.

Biohazard cleanup

Investors have dealt with all: hoarding, drug houses, crime scenes, homicide, suicide, and unattended death on the property. Homeowners don’t need to hire a biohazard cleanup company. Investor pay for a cleanup crew.

The term As-Is wraps the spectrum of unwanted properties. A house is sold as-is in the real estate market through a mutual agreement between seller and buyer. Typically, an as-is home has many problems, from bad physical conditions to legal issues.

Professional home-buying companies are the solution for those homeowners that want to sell their house but are stuck without money to cover expenses. Investors offer cash for your home and can close in about seven days, which is fantastic for distressed owners that realtors have rejected.

Do you own an As-Is house that you need to sell?

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