Things to consider when purchasing audio equipment

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Before we begin, we really well know that while a lot of you would be supporting this idea, but at the same time, there will also be Apple fans who would love to lecture us back on why AirPods are the best earbuds ever. However, just like the latter would have their own opinion, today we are going to present ours with support of some facts. 

All in all, we don’t wish to break the customers or are asking you to stop being loyal to your favorite brand (even if you are a Samsung user) we are only here to suggest that there are devices in the form of best Air Buds under low budgets that can easily fulfill your desires of great sound quality with the form factor of sleek Bluetooth earbuds. 

We are going to tackle every point with why one would think to side with the presumed advantages of Airpods and then suggest the best solution to that as well for your ease. 


There is no doubt in the fact that ever since Apple first came out with Airpods, the world actually went crazy. Some called it the most convenient device to finally put an end to the problems associated with wires, whereas others were against the idea of removing the headphone jack and adding more burden onto the shoulders of customers as now everyone is supposed to buy a pair of earbuds in order to enjoy music on their phones. 

As Apple was the key player in making the shift possible, other companies also started to chip in, and that too by copying the design of AirPods. 

Now at this point, some of you would make fun of those replicas but the truth is they also sound as good as the real AirPods or even better in some cases as well which then leads us to the question that should we invest our money in AirPods or buy the top quality replicas? The answer indeed comes down to your personal choice but if you have the money go for what Apple came out with, but if you can’t afford the hefty price tag, we would suggest you to stick with cheaper but good alternatives. 

Noise Cancellation

These days almost every other customer of Bluetooth earbuds demands a good noise cancellation feature and to speak the truth, AirPods are just above par in that regard with AirPods. In fact, you can easily find similar look-alikes like AirBuds Pro which cannot only help you trick others into thinking that you are wearing AirPods but they have the best noise cancellation feature among all the cheaper alternatives that we have tried (under 60$)

Sound Quality 

With the evolution of Bluetooth 5.0 and how it is easily available for every earbuds manufacturing brand, there is no point to trust AirPods only for good sound quality. We would recommend you to do your research and pick alternatives from well-reputed companies to get surprised as their beats can easily make you move your body as well!  

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