8 Window Treatments That Will Change Your Perspective
Window Treatments

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Window treatment is an important part of our home decoration. It enhances the beauty of the room and gives it an aesthetic appeal. Different houses have different requirements depending upon the suitability of the place. Today interior designer always emphasizes window treatments. However, it is an expensive process that cannot be ignored. It also depends on the kind of style we use. The window treatment should be decorative and should also fulfill its functional purpose.

Window treatments serve an important purpose, and really, an effort is required to choose the right kind of material for the window, making it difficult to navigate.

Our market is flooded with many window options, so choosing the right kind is tedious work. Choosing from curtains to drapes to Blackout, we do not want the wrong one for our windows.

According to the designers, one should not procrastinate the window treatment choice. The earlier one chooses, the better it is for the person to get the desired results. Any planning done in advance will help a person with desired results and his budget satisfaction.

A lot of factors should be kept in mind while selecting the product. Some fabrics are sheer, and some are thick, and how they will filter the light temperature once installed should be kept in mind. Here comes the role of designers as they are aware of the products and can also guide us on which is best suited for our window. As window treatment affects our space, choosing the right kind will enhance our space. Curtains or frosted glass give a sense of privacy. One can use sheer for natural light in the drawing-room, and for less light, one can opt for either blackout curtains or heavy and thick drapes. Seasons also affect our choice of window treatments. Like in the cold season, window treatments can keep and maintain the room’s cozy temperature, and in summer, treatments with thermal backing will not allow the hot air and keep the room pleasant.

8 Types of Window Treatments

Though there is a huge variety of window treatments available in the market, the eight kinds mentioned below are trendy and budget-friendly.

1. Blackout shades and curtains

Curtains usually come in different materials and hang from rods. All kinds of materials, from heavy that is a blackout to light like sheer, can be used. If one wants to keep the scorching sunlight out, then a blackout curtain is a dream for them. For people who are light sleepers and want to sleep in the afternoon, it’s a blessing. It also blocks the noise and provides thermal insulation. The best part is one does not have to spend a bomb on the purchase of blackout shades or curtains.

2. Drapes:

Drapes are much thicker than curtains, providing more privacy. Drapes are usually double-lined and are more commonly used to block out light. Drapes are more formal than curtains and better at keeping out cold and heat.

3. Window Blinds:

This is usually made of a hard material, and so it differs from drapes and curtains. The blinds are made from hard materials like wood or vinyl and are quite sturdy. They are made in a way that can be pulled up or partially open with a cord. The advantage of this mechanism is that it does not allow complete sunlight into the room

So especially during summer, it is quite helpful. Homes with small windows should opt for Horizontal blinds, whereas big windows can go in for vertical ones. This way, the look of the window is completely changed for the better.

4. Window Shades:

These are available in various materials, from light filtering to shades made of bamboo. Window shades do not have slats come in or vanes. Variety of materials and don’t to shades made of bamboo feature any slats or vanes. The common ones that we mostly find include Roman. You can have smooth shades, solar shades, balloon shades, blackout shades, or pleated shades. The most common shares are Roman shades, roller shades, honeycomb shades, and blackout shades. Operating or using it can either be manual or motorized depending upon the customer’s needs. The best thing about this is that it is customized according to the size of the window.

5. Cornices:

Cornices are made with wood and are similar to valances. However, it has a box-like shape that fits around a window treatment’s mounting hardware. Cornices are made with anything hard and sturdy. One can match or pair with curtains to enhance the room’s decor or the house.

6. Swags:

This window treatment gives an elegant look and makes the window look rich. These are long pieces of cloth around a curtain rod flowing towards the floor. Its effect is pleasing and alters the look of the window, completely cascading down toward the floor.

7. Panel tracks:

The name itself says that it can be replaced or used as an alternative for vertical blinds. It is usually used for long French windows or sliding doors. The fabrics used are rich and stylish.

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8. Treated glass:

Since the market offers so many options and one cannot find the apt treatment for the window, this is the best solution. There are no curtain drapes, valances, or any other kind of expensive window treatments. One can treat the glass or use stained glass, frosted glass, or some film to keep the privacy of the home.

A Quick Overview

  • Window treatments can dramatically alter a room’s look and feel while providing functional benefits like light control and privacy.
  • There are many different types of window treatments to choose from, including curtains, blinds, shades, and shutters.
  • Curtains can be made from various fabrics and customized to fit any window size or shape. They can add color, texture, and pattern to a room.
  • Blinds are popular for their versatility and ability to provide precise light control. They come in a variety of materials, including wood, faux wood, and aluminum.
  • Shades are another option for light control, and they can be made from materials like fabric, bamboo, and cellular material. They offer a clean, streamlined look.
  • Shutters are a more permanent option and can be made from wood, vinyl, or composite materials. They provide excellent insulation and light control.
  • Motorized window treatments are a convenient and modern option that can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app.
  • Choosing the right window treatment for your space will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s important to consider factors like style, functionality, and budget before deciding.

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