Woman heels that are suitable for Singapore's hot and humid weather

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Singapore’s temperature has been rising and people are calling it a heatwave as it looks like one.
While everyone is battling to beat the heat, it is also important to note that our getups have a huge impact on our body temperature as well as our hydration.
While you may take care of your clothes, there might be problems with what to wear when it comes to Women’s Sandals, because keeping the foot cool is an integral part of keeping your body heat low.

Deciding which shoes to wear is determined by several aspects, including your wardrobe, activities, and the amount of comfort you desire during the day. However, there is one more factor to consider while deciding what sort of footwear to wear: the temperature of the day.

If you live in a country with the weather that is hot almost all year round, you may believe that open toe shoes are one of the more essential footwear you may want to wear. They are more comfortable and let your feet breathe, reducing excessive perspiration.

When shopping for shoes, however, you do not want to limit the options to this specific type. Even when the temperatures are at their maximum, you may still have a wide, fascinating assortment of footwear that you can wear with your outfits.

Shoes that are great for Warm/Hot Weather-

As you’ve read above, the Temperature in Singapore is rising and it would not be a bad decision to wear something that brings extra heat to the body. We should be striving to lower our body temperature as much as possible.
So, while women may resolve what to wear concerning the clothes, they might be confused regarding what footwear to wear.
And so, for this reason, we tried to solve your confusion and suggest to you some women’s heels that you’re going to love wearing in hot weather such as today in Singapore.
Here we go-

1. Sandals-

Let’s begin with the fundamentals: open, strappy heels. Although it may appear cliché, strappy heels is a must have kind of footwear for women who live in a humid climate.

Because they are open shoes, they are comfortable to wear even in hot weather. Your feet will feel cooler, which will save you from sweating.

Sandals are available in a variety of styles, and colours. They can range from flat sandals to high-heeled sandals.

If you want to buy flat sandals that you can wear all day for different occasions, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you want to seem more beautiful, high-heeled strappy sandals are the way to go. They look fantastic with every outfit, depending on how you would like them to look.

2. Flip-flops-

Flip-flops, which were formerly only worn at the pool or on the beach, are now commonplace in most people’s shoe cabinets. They are simple to slip on and take off, making them the ideal footwear in Singapore. They also allow your feet to feel the cool air, making them less prone to sweating.

Flip-flops are available in a variety of patterns. So it’s not difficult to locate a pair that will match with your favorite outfits, or with any outfit in your collection.

Furthermore, you can put a pair inside your luggage and pull them out when you would like to let your legs rest from the unpleasant shoes you’re wearing.

3. Mules-

Mules are great if you are not comfortable with open toed sandals or shoes. They have breathing space yet it’s still covered.

Mules cover the front of the foot and it exposes the back of the feet such as the heels and ankles. This shoe is also available in several designs and colours. Today’s most popular mules have some height on them, they can range from 1cm to 6cm heels. They can complement any ensemble, from casual to semi-formal to evening gowns. The most common mules are leathers, however woven fabric mules are getting more popular these days.

4. Ballet flats-

Ballet flats are the most flexible forms of footwear available, and they work well with a variety of ensembles. Because they don’t have heels, you can wear them without having to worry about hurting your legs when you take them off.

Ballet flats are available in a variety of styles and colours. Aside from rounded toes, pointy and loafers slip-ons are available to broaden your shoe assortment.

The more popular ballet flats are the leather flats, followed by fabric and suede. However in Singapore, you would want to wear more leather flats, as we won’t know when it will rain which may cause your fabric or suede flats to be destroyed.

5. Sneakers-

Sneakers should be one of the footwear that you should have in your closet if you are staying in Singapore. They look well with both skirts or denims, or cropped jeans of any length.

When you wear these, you won’t have to worry about your feet being too hot or uncomfortable. You will never have to deal with these difficulties if you pick lightweight, breathable footwear.

Put on some ankle socks made of light materials to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


How to choose your Heel Height-

What height would you like your heels to be?

Choose your height depending on both comfort and style. For example, if you’ll be rushing around a conference for 12 hours, you might not want to wear high stilettos. However, if you’re heading to the clubs with your girlfriends, you might not want to wear kitten heels.

So, here are some of the heel types that you might want to check out-

1. Kitten Heels (Short size)-

Kitten heels are the smallest form of the heel, generally measuring no more than 2 inches in height. These are comfy and simple to walk in, making them ideal for circumstances where you will be on your feet for an extended period of time. These were once the pinnacle of women’s fashion, but they fell out of favor for a spell. We’re glad to see that they’re back in style—and it appears that they’ll be around for a long time!

2. Pumps (Medium size)-

When it comes to high heels, pumps are the “go-to.” They’re the classic style, with a height of around 2-3 inches and a low cut across the front of the foot. They might be pointy, rounded, or square in shape.

3. High heel sandals (High size)-

High heel sandals were just recently fashionable a few decades ago, but they have become the epitome of “sexy” and “stylish.” These heels may reach up to 8 inches in height, creating a stunning leg-lengthening impression.

Stilettos frequently have a platform. Platform shoes feature a “lift” on the front of the shoe, which means the sole of the shoe is thicker in the front. This reduces the height difference between the front and rear of the foot, making regular walking simpler (rather than on your tip-toes).


Woman Heels have always been in demand and will remain in demand in the long future but by then many more types and fashion trends might emerge, so it’s prudent to be aware of the fashion styles prevailing in society these days.
We accumulated some of the women’s heels that you can use during the summertime and keep yourself cool.

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