Wukong Aram and how to play Wukong in Aram?

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Who is Wukong Aram?

Wukong is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends. He is a melee fighter champion mostly played as a jungler and top laner in Summoner’s Rift with high mobility and damage output (accurate damage scaling, like Tryndamere) but lacks CC (crowd control effects). “Aram” refers to the game mode “ARAM”, which stands for “All Random All Mid”, where players are randomly assigned champions and fight on a single lane. In ARAM mode, Wukong is often played as a bruiser or an assassin.

Wukong Aram’s abilities

In the game mode “ARAM” (All Random All Mid) in “League of Legends”, Wukong still has access to his core abilities. Here is a brief overview of Wukong’s abilities in ARAM:

  • Wukong’s passive skill allows him to critically strike % bonus physical damage on his next basic attack every few seconds. He also permanently gains bonus armor and magic resistance every time. He kills an enemy minion or neutral monster (which makes it the best passive for the jungle).
  • His Q ability deals with the area of effect damage around him. It creates additional smaller spheres which deal initial damage when they collide with enemy units; spheres will also slow surrounding enemies’ movement speed by 35% for 1.5 seconds. Spheres last for 8 seconds after they were created, but the damage is decreased by 3% per second (up to 50%) over time.
  • Wukong’s ultimate ability creates an uncontrollable decoy at the target location, which attacks nearby enemy units. Wukong Aram may control the clone by activating its ability again. When this skill is used to teleport onto terrain or structures, the range will be doubled.
  • Crushing Blow: Wukong delivers a powerful strike with his staff, dealing physical damage and stunning the target.
  • Warrior Trickster: Wukong dashes a short distance, leaving behind an image of himself that lasts for a short duration.
  • Nimbus Strike: Wukong leaps toward a target enemy and physically damages all nearby enemies upon landing.
  • Cyclone: Wukong spins his staff around, dealing physical damage and knocking up enemies for a short duration.

These abilities and Wukong’s high mobility and damage potential make him a formidable force in ARAM. However, it’s important to note that in ARAM, champions are randomly selected and abilities may differ from the standard game mode.

Wukong Aram abilities: Effect on enemy

This ability allows Wukong to create a Decoy of himself, which can attack enemies and applies other on-hit effects. The clone’s attack damages all enemy units in an area around it. Its attacks slow enemies’ movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds (this effect does not stack). Each subsequent hit within 1.5 seconds will deal 10% bonus damage (capped at 100%), up to 80%. Clones will mimic each of Wukong’s basic abilities. It means that his clone can also critically strike % bonus damage if Wukong has learned that skill.


Wukong Aram

This ability deals damage to enemies in an area around him and slows their movement speed. It also allows dashing toward enemy champions within range. If this skill hits an enemy champion, it will reduce all of Wukong’s cooldowns by half. Wukong performs a magical spinning attack at the target location, damaging nearby enemy units. This ability also creates a field at the target location for 4 seconds, increasing all allied movement speed by 20%.

Build a guide to play Wukong in ARAM

The best way to build Wukong in ARAM is pretty much AP tanky DPS mage items with some defensive stats. This way, you have enough tackiness not to die instantly in team fights while also being able to do decent damage and cast your abilities fast.

  •  Start with Hunter’s Talisman for extra damage. Combined with Warrior jungle enchantment, it gives the best early-game damage to Wukong.
  • You should upgrade your boots first or second back (depending on whether you died). This way, you don’t only have faster MS but also better swindles. If possible, try to get Mercury Treads before your other boots. They are good against all CC, especially since Wukong has none of his own during the laning phase and team fights.
  •  After boots upgrade your red pot, something with life steal would be optimal, especially against healing matchups like Ryze or Vladimir, which are very common in ARAM. Upgrade it immediately to the second tier for better sustain during laning.
  • If the game isn’t over yet, upgrade your red pot into The Bloodthirster (although you should upgrade it at level 9 for that extra health). It will cause significant damage, some life steal for sustain, but most importantly, a lot of ads. If you were going for a glass cannon build, this item gives significant damage at this point of the game.
  • Skill priority: In ARAM, it’s recommended to prioritize leveling up “Cyclone” and “Nimbus Strike”, as they are Wukong’s main source of damage and crowd control.
  • Item build: When playing Wukong in ARAM, it’s important to build items that increase his attack damage, attack speed, and life steal. Some popular items for Wukong in ARAM include Ravenous Hydra, Bloodthirster, and Guardian Angel.
  • Engaging in fights: Wukong’s mobility and damage make him well-suited to diving into fights and quickly taking out enemy champions. Use “Nimbus Strike” to close in on enemies and follow up with “Crushing Blow” to stun them. Use “Cyclone” to deal damage to multiple enemies and knock them up, creating an opening for your team to follow up with their own abilities.
  • Positioning: Wukong is vulnerable to crowd control, so it’s important to position yourself carefully during fights. Try to stay near your allies to reduce the risk of being singled out by the enemy team.
  • Team coordination: Wukong excels at diving into fights and taking out enemy champions, so it’s important to coordinate with your team to make the most of his abilities. Communicate with your team about when and where to initiate fights, and be ready to follow up with your own abilities.

By following this guide and understanding Wukong’s strengths and weaknesses, you can be a formidable force on the battlefield in ARAM. Good luck!

Is Wukong A Good Warframe 2023?

Due to his powers to do massive amounts of damage with his Iron Staff and his Defy ability, Wukong is one of the best Warframes in close-quarters battle.

How Do Wukong And Wukong Prime Vary From One Another?

In 2020 and 2021, Wukong Prime had the most activity. Contrary to his non-Primed predecessor, Wukong Prime has a longer, slimmer tail. Wukong is most known for the Chinese novel Journey to the West, which is mentioned numerous times in Wukong’s Prime Access.

More Info about Wukong Aram

  • Remember that getting all damage won’t make you do any good in ARAM. It would be best if you had defense/toughness as well. The best way is to mix both. You can even use just tank items if the situation isn’t that dangerous. This build will help you keep your damage while also surviving through the laning phase.
  • Going full tank will not only leave you a threat to the enemy team. If your leaves, your damage is pretty much non-existent until late game, which means you probably won’t be able to kill anyone without some serious damage output.
  • And remember, when buying defense stats. Always try having some offensive ones as well, so your enemies are pressured to attack you even if they know you’re going to melt like ice in the sun.
  • Burst damage is always good for ARAM, so don’t be afraid to go with Zeke’s Herald or Lord Dominik’s Regards if your opponents are stacking a lot of HP.
  •  Try to use your ult only after you’ve done considerable damage in team fights with your E + Q combo. You can even go as far as using W before that to have a great chance of killing someone because of the extra 100% damage that is applied. Once your ultimate is down, switch back, focusing on whatever target you want, and help out your team with some AoE attacks and pokes.

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