10 Awesome Platforms to Create Your E-Commerce Website
Create Your E-Commerce Website

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With anything and everything happening around the world, having your business already to sell online is much more important than it has ever been. The fact of the matter seems to be that online selling in itself is not hard to accomplish.If you choose the right eCommerce platform, you will be able to quickly list your received payments, products,  and handle shipping without anyone ever deciding to leave your office.

We looked at over ten eCommerce app builders while compiling this list. To summarise, there are many various options to pick from based on your demands, but these are the ten bests for small businesses looking to sell online.

The ten most effective eCommerce platforms


BigCommerce is the greatest eCommerce platform overall. Because of its robust product web browser, it’s particularly convenient for big retail businesses. It’s also a wonderful option for persons who wish to open an eCommerce store or who already have a physical store but want to expand their operations to include online orders.Its various tools allow any niche or business to succeed.


Shopify is the most effective selling platform. If you want to jump ship, the best option is to use Facebook Ads or Instagram marketing. If you are going to rely on SEO, we don’t recommend Shopify.

Instead, go with BigCommerce. Shopify outperforms BigCommerce in a few areas, such as single-click shopify post purchase upsell, however, it lags in terms of performance.


Wix is a prominent player in the e-commerce market website, and offering incredible value to solopreneurs and small enterprises.

Wix’se Commerce features have advanced significantly in recent years, and they now include multi-channel integration, abandoned cart recovery, drop shipping, and print on demand.


WooCommerce is the best all-in-one platform for running an eCommerce and affiliate website. True eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify, on the other hand, sell better, but only by a little margin. It integrates with WordPress to transform any website into an eCommerce store.

Social networking, Payment gateways, email marketing, shipping extensions & Single-click selling, are also available.


Getboost360 is a company that provides e-commerce app solutions. It’s a great option for businesses selling tangible items considering efficient digital automated downloads post purchasing are no longer allowed.

Getboost360 offers a drag-and-drop Website Maker as well as in-page editing.This is a substantially increased expense which other platforms provide for free.The dashboards have been organised pretty well, with all of the key action sections accessible from the top-most main navigation menu.

From there, you can concentrate on inventory management & marketing.Some marketing options include SEO, eBay, Google, Amazon, incentives, social selling, and discounts.


PrestaShop is a cloud-hosted, open-source eCommerce platform that offers the best overall value. Even though most of the consumers drool somewhere at the term “freemium,” the extra funds linked with both the freemium model might end up making PrestaShop. Fully prepared to seem to be a good bet, especially if businesses have technical experience.


If you want a simple store with marketing automation built-in, Weebly is a terrific alternative.

There hasn’t been a strong focus on eCommerce, so you won’t get the same level of complexity as other leading platforms.


Squarespace is another platform with drag-and-drop functionality. They focus on providing exquisite service of design & templates which was formed in the year 2003.

Try these out if you don’t require a lot of features. It’s also ideal for online business print-on-demand businesses.


Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Cisco are among the companies that use Magento. Coding is indeed an important part of the product.

If you’ve had a developer or have enough funds to hire someone and just want to build something that would be truly powerful and flexible, Magento seems to be a workable approach. You may create and undo adjustments until you can get the feature-rich digital storefront you want.


WordPress is one of the easiest & popular ways to make your website or blog. WordPress is expected to drive with over one-fourth of the sites you visit.

WordPress is an open-source CMS, which ensures that everyone can download and change it freely. A CMS is a technology that helps to manage critical components of your site, such as content.

As a side benefit, WordPress enables people to create a website, even if they aren’t programmers.