What is Za Warudo, and what makes it so interesting?

What is Za Warudo? (Introduction)


“ZA WARUDO” (Also familiar as The World) is the expression that DIO utilizes before activating his stand’s time-stopping power. It is also utilized to summon his perspective, which is also named The World (surprise, surprise). A classic phrase from the anime “Toki wo tomare!” is the phrase “Time will stop!” After the words “ZA WARUDO!” is screamed, a time-stop result is constructed similar to a fart sound. Time then usually resumes. Jotaro also uses the phrase, but it is titled Star Platinum: The World (Suta Purachinamu: Za Warudo).

How do you create the “Za Warudo” effect?

Here we discuss the step to create Za Warudo” effect;

  • Creates a sphere around the person who stopped time.
  • During the rainbow effect, the screen becomes grey, as if everything should have the “black and white” theme.
  • The last thing is stopping time. The time-stop result means that everyone gets stopped, except for the one who stopped time. (That means all players should stop moving and be stopped from doing anything).
  • You can use sound effects as well.
  • In addition, the time stop makes it difficult to observe what is going on during that time. (Essentially, one stops time and is in a specific place, and then after the resumption of time, that person goes to another location because the time stopper has moved).

Za Warudo range

Stardust crusader explicitly states that the range is approximately 10 meters. However, it is commonly considered a ranged attack and since it is very similar to star platinum which has a range of around 2 meters.

Za Warudo and the Story of the Jojo Meme

Only Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has more meme-worthy material than any manga. Its weirdness and almost 30-year history have provided an endless supply of iconic moments. It’s one of the most iconic Jojo memes. The phrase “ZA WARUDO” comes from the Japanese katakana of “The World,” which is, in turn, the name of the table DIO sits at. Throughout the final battle with Jotaro, DIO exhibits his stand extensively, continuously demonstrating the ability of the World to stop the time for a short period.

 Time will stop whenever DIO says “ZA WARUDO!” which is usually accompanied by “Toki wo tomare!” The sound effect that is produced for every stoppage of time in the 2014-15 anime is similar to a dubstep fart. Stardust Crusaders first used the phrase in a fight with DIO during the final battle. His first appearance in a video game was in the OVA of Stardust Crusaders in 1993, and later, he appeared in several Jojo fighting games after that. In fact, ZA WARUDO wasn’t really famous until the 2014-2015 anime series, when it became an Internet meme.

What is the secret behind “Za Warudo’s” popularity?

DIO says “Za Warudo” in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Stardust Crusaders 3, where he experiences grief. His stand, a manifestation of one’s life energy manifested by their strong fighting spirit, is called “The World”. Despite the fact that this is an incredibly popular line, DIO uses it every time he uses his time stop ability, which happens to be quite often. He says it in such a dramatic way during the final battle of the movie. DIO also says “WRYYYYYY” and “RODA ROLLA” are very popular.

Is ‘Za Warudo’ able to stop time or slow it down?

Is 'Za Warudo' able to stop time or slow it down?

There is a complete stoppage of time, which apparently slows Jotaro down. This cannot be right. Neither his stand nor DIO’s stand can stop time, so both of them can still move while they stop time. Because Jotaro wasn’t accustomed to the power of his stand, he could only walk for a few seconds during the World’s effect.

Who would beat Dio Brando in a fight, Ultimate Kars or Za Warudo?

Ultimate Kars is basically unstoppable. He can destroy Dio without having a stand, and he can attack it directly, even without a perspective. Unlike all the Jojo’s, Dio’s brash and does not engage in a tactical fight with the Jojo’s. He relies on single-handed force, meaning he cannot defeat Ultimate Kars. Despite his advanced intelligence, Ultimate Kars can fight tactically and receive a stand only through the use of an arrow, though perspectives are clearly passed through bloodlines.

 In addition to Kars’ DNA, which makes him capable of observing every life form and causing a stand, there has been some debate that he could watch Dio. As he loses blood, Dio becomes more worn down. However, he doesn’t fatigue as a human would. While a few years ago Ultimate Kars got fatiguing and sweating, he’s ceased to have that weakness, too, sunlight. Even in daylight, it suffers a fault. Ultimate Kars knows Hamon and can perform it to such a degree that it is equivalent to getting slammed by the sun.

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Does” The World” differ significantly from Star Platinum?

This was something that Araki meant to add to the plot but somehow overlooked based on the part where Dio used Hermit Purple; I thought Jotaro could also stop time. This was an assumption, and it seems pretty well supported by the film. One strange thing about this theory is that it ultimately stresses that Dio doesn’t possess his stand and would possess his perspective had Jonathan not stabbed his head with the arrow.


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