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12 Unique Tattoo Ideas That Couples Can Totally Rock


Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

To all the tattoo enthusiasts out there, I ask, what’s more exciting than getting a new tattoo? There is one and only one correct answer to this, i.e., getting a tattoo with your partner!

Getting inked with your partner is not just an adventure you would take together but also an act of intimacy that would bond you closer together. You’re right; it is a show-stealer, both adventurous and romantic!

So if you would also like to get a matching tattoo with your partner that you can flaunt, have a look at these 12 unique tattoo ideas that couples can totally rock.

1. Same Words

What could be more straightforward than this! A tattoo of matching words on each of your arms. This one would be a subtle proclamation to the world of your love and commitment towards each other. It’s a perfect idea for couples who’re new to inking or prefer minimalist tattoos. Such ideas make for really great tattoo designs for men as well. 

2. Half Butterfly

For nature lovers, all our hikers and wildlife enthusiasts out there, this would be our pick for you- half a blue butterfly on each of your forearm, which completes when you put your hands together. How cute is that! tattoos unique

3. Romantic one-liners

If you have a favourite romantic one-liner or quote amongst the two of you, which describes you as a couple or your relationship, then having it inked along your wrists would be just perfect, wouldn’t it? And of course, only one half of the quote would be on each of yours wrist. Such quote designs make for great single women hand tattoos as well. 

4. Sun and Moon

A perfect astronomical answer to your couple tattoo problems! These beautiful drawings of the sun and the moon could be a great and quirky choice if you and your partner are considering getting inked together.

Such tattoos can hide your scars (if any) as well.

5. Yin and Yang

Admit it. You knew this was bound to come up! Yin and Yang tattoos would convey the dynamics of you and your relationship, how despite all the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, you complement each other.

6. Lock and Key

These lock and key tattoos are another attractive option for couples who want to keep it minimal. They’re ideal to be inked on your ring fingers.

7. Dates

There’s a galore of dates in a relationship that you’d want to remember or create a souvenir out of, to cherish. Getting matching inks of such a date would be the perfect way to celebrate a day and make it unfogettable.

8. Initials

Getting your partner’s initials inked on your arm might be quite a common choice for a tattoo, but it still never gets old! It’s a charming and simple way to honour your commitment and relationship.

9. Koi Fish Cult

How beautiful are these koi fish tattoos! If you’re looking for unique tattoos for couples, this is one pick that you should indeed consider. Not only is it gorgeous, but it will also look great to flaunt when you’re both walking down a street together!

10. Jigsaw

Do you know that feeling when someone feels like a missing piece from the jigsaw puzzle of your life? Who is so perfect and fits so well with you? If reading this made someone’s name pop up in your mind, you should wait no more and go get this jigsaw piece tattoo inked with them!

11. Fan-fiction

As a potterhead, this one would be my top personal recommendation if you want to go for tattoos inspired by fan-fiction.

12. Commitments

Last but not least, how sweet is this little pair of commitment tattoos! It is a perfect one for a newly married couple, or perhaps for a couple celebrating their first anniversary.

Happy inking! 🙂