Car Rental Hacks

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Hard to imagine life in the US without a car. Especially on long-distance journeys or vacations with friends. In cases like that to rent a car is the best choice. Here are some car rental hacks that’ll help you save money on car rental and take more benefits from this popular service.

Book with a Free Cancellation Option

Planning a journey with friends, let’s say, to Los Angeles, you can book several cars with free cancellation options in advance and continue searching. When have found a perfect under 25 car rental Los Angeles, just cancel all the other bookings not paying any fees for that.

Choose the Best Day and Time

A lot of companies reduce car rental prices in the middle of the week, or even during particular hours. In order to reduce expenses, you can clarify this moment with a company’s manager. And, if it’s possible for you, plan a trip to Los Angeles or any other place according to the thriftiest car rental schedule.

Book In 1–2-Month Advance

Planning a long-distance trip, vacation in Los Angeles, or any other place in the US, it would be clever to choose and book a car in advance. The earlier you book, the less you pay.

Mind, that the same option works with booking:

  • cars
  • hotels or hostels
  • rented apartments
  • plane tickets

So, planning a vacation (including a car rental) is better to be started a few months in advance. Especially when you’re 25 or less and you aim to reduce expenses on car rent.

Inspect a Car for Damages

Before signing a rental contract, take a close look at the entire car. Finding some damages, show them to the manager and make notes and take photos. You’ll have to pay for any unrecorded scratch after giving back the vehicle.

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Have Your Own GPS

Before going on the trip, manage to get your own maps or GPS. If you’re under 25, it’s not a problem for you at all to upload interactive maps to your smartphone or other gadgets. To rent a GPS will cost you extra money, depending on the company, up to $ 25 and more.

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