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Gurgaon is a busy city with people coming in every day in search of jobs, a better livelihood, appreciable quality of living and some fun and party life. Being the hub of it all Gurgaon has a reputation to maintain and so do the people that live there. The place has always been looked up to, by people from neighbouring areas who aspire to the grace and charm of the city and wish to get jobs with giant pay scales and night lives like wild. So for all those who have managed to earn it all and are living in the city and living it up too, we have some ideas for you. Those who have just shifted are on to exploring every inch of the city and every turn in the lanes with each food corner by it too, we have then narrowed it down. Are you ready to go on an expedition with us to the lanes of Gurgaon figuring out the best street food and high-end eateries that will sort all your lunches and dinners? From your evening walks to your Sunday morning brush here’s everything you can try to eat from ordering cake delivery in Gurgaon to going bar hopping in the city.

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  • Chole Bhature

The epic dish chole bhature is a treat almost everywhere but the vibe of Gurgaon and the touch to the original taste here is appreciable. Also if you have come from a place where oily food and dishes like these aren’t the real deal you will simply love it. You can find a famous seller like OM and more and you can find any local vendor too as you find convenient and approachable.

  • Cheese Momos

Cheese momos are a thing in Gurgaon and are literally the most delicious thing you can find in Gurgaon. Explore a few places before you find the right one for the job. The speciality about cheese momos is the fact they aren’t ordinary and cheap or easily available. And they solve your purpose of finding that one dish that calms all your cravings all the time and you can stop your search once you find that one go-to solution everyone you need some nerve-calming food.

  • Kulfi

A kulfi never hurts anyone but definitely does some justice to the last night craving and spoiled mood repairs. Anyways if you don’t know the perfect kulfi place near your house how will you don’t your troubles at midnight?

  • Tandoori Chaap

To lose some sleep over a silly office meeting is not the most clever idea. But to use it as a reason to have a good plate of tandoori chaap is always clever. Find the nicest chaap seller near you and make all your evenings crispy and spicy.

  • Litti Chokha

The famous dish litti chokha is available in Gurgaon too and that too fairly scrumptious and crunchy. Find the perfect place for it and spend your evening with friends eating this dish sometimes other than the usual dishes.

  • Tandoori Fish

A tandoori fish on every random Sunday is someone’s needs and many crave for it fairly. Make sure to find a nice and perfect place that sells clean and hygienic food so there are no repercussions you have to face just a little fun and food.

  • Kathi Rolls

The famous dish Kathy rolls will be your number one thing to have if the place and time are right. Pick out the best place that sells it, take your friends for a treat and see if it is the right place for your every day or weekly visit.

  • Dosa

A dosa craving every now and then is the most common thing that can happen. And wherever you move you should at the least know the perfect dosa place around you, isn’t it?