A Dive Into DrChrono EHR Software!
A Dive Into DrChrono EHR Software!

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Providers are usually stuck in a hectic routine where they have no time to relax. They are surrounded by endless clinical, financial, and administrative tasks at hand to manage. Getting out of this work loop is pretty challenging and sometimes even affects the productivity of practices. Physicians are mere humans who also get exhausted under heavy workloads and need a partner to share their burden. And that partner is none other than NextGen EMR. 

But the question is how the superb DrChrono EHR helps practices excel with minimal tasks at hand to manage? What does this vendor aim for, and what do reviews say about its features? All these questions need to be answered to ponder whether it’s really a reliable healthcare partner. Having a general overview of the software helps significantly in this regard. So, we will start this post by looking into DrChrono in general. 

About DrChrono EHR:

DrChrono EHR is more than just a healthcare solution. It takes into consideration the troubles providers are faced with and helps them combat all the challenges with perfection. Whether a practitioner needs a solution to help with patient engagement or requires one to optimize clinical workflow, DrChrono EHR has a solution for all. There is no such thing as impossible for this extensive clinical software as it is driven by intuitiveness and innovativeness.

DrChrono EHR reviews illustrate that this solution is rich in clinical content and thus helps its client pool align its services with their clinical goals. It assures value-based care by featuring a well-structured feature range. DrChrono EHR features strategic guidance and meaningful insights for all ambulatory care practices as a multidisciplinary solution. In addition, it allows seamless and secure data sharing among its healthcare network.

DrChrono EHR Features:

This compact EHR solution comes with an impressive feature range. The features of DrChrono are tailored to meet the physician’s needs. DrChrono assures perfection in all clinical processes, from patient care services to revenue cycle and more, with its plethora of features. This cloud-based solution is a powerhouse of integrated EHR, PM, RCM, and medical billing modules. 

Let’s dive into the features offered by DrChrono in a well-structured manner. 

All-in-one EHR:

Telehealth for remote interactions

MACROS to automatically populate notes

Speech recognition to simplify documentation

Customizable templates to meet practice’s needs

Drawing tools for patient education

Vital flowsheets to track patient’s unique vitals 

Integrated Practice Management:

Appointment profiles with predetermined time blocks

Patient check-in kiosk to reduce the administrative burden

Scheduling tool to manage appointments easily

Patient flags to identify pertinent patient data

Practice chat to mitigate staff inefficiencies

Streamlined Medical Billing:

Electronic remittance advice for robust analysis

TriZetto, a clearinghouse that optimizes medical billing

Billing profile for instant bills processing

Generate billing statements for quicker accounts creation


Medical coding to minimize rejections

Denial resolution for quicker payments clearance

Billing services for stress-free billing

Denial analysis to get to the roots of problems

DrChrono EHR Reviews:

Reviews have many valuable things to say about DrChrono EHR. It portrays a flawless picture of this impeccable solution from the user’s point of view. The fact that this solution is backed by an above-average customer satisfaction rate helps it score and retain a solid customer base. Here’s what we analyzed by going through the comprehensive reviews of DrChrono EHR:


The software boosts clinical productivity by featuring seamless third-party integrations. 

DrChrono EHR backs the decision-making process with its out-of-the-world interoperability service that allows for secured data exchange. 

It takes pride in delivering next-level payment processing services to improve the cash flow of medical practices.

This clinical vendor comes with an agile and responsive interface which makes navigation easy and hassle-free. 

Managing and sorting patient records is a piece of cake with this robust solution, for it comes with integrated documentation tools. 

It helps practices take a step forward to level up the clinical services provided with its endless functionalities and capabilities.


As it is handled by auto-generated scripts, it escalates user problems instead of sorting them out. That’s why the vendor should offer phone call customer support too. 

Users claim that its price range increases every year for new customers, and the DrChrono EHR should maintain consistent pricing. 

We learned from the reviews of DrChrono that users dislike it because it binds providers in long-term contracts. So, there’s no backing out once you make a considerable investment. 

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DrChrono EHR Price: 

Regarding the pricing structure of DrChrono EHR, it is not officially disclosed. Providers have to contact the vendor directly to learn about its price tag. However, the overall pricing structure is revealed in such a way that the details of all four of its packages are listed on the official website. There’s a wide price range to choose from, and here’s a plan for all small, medium, and enterprise-scale practices. 

Here’s a prompt overview of all of the pricing packages of DrChrono EHR. 


This plan is set aside for practices that need basic-level EHR and practice management services. It doesn’t include voice recognition and high-grade medical billing services and thus is suitable only for small practices. 


It is an advanced EHR and practices management pricing plan by DrChrono. Adding to Prometheus plan features, it offers ab integration, custom vitals, voice recognition, and insurance eligibility services. 


Adding to the list of functions of Hippocrates, the Apollo plan offers medical billing software too. This advanced solution handles claims management impressively and allows ERA auto-posting. Also, it comes with basic business intelligence tools.

Apollo Plus:

It is a level up, and adding to the features of Apollo, it offers next-level RCM services. It provides advanced business intelligence tools with a feature-rich RCM module to handle denials and comes with dedicated billing specialists and account managers. 


What do you think about DrChrono EHR now? Isn’t it amazing how this solution handles clinical practices with to-the-point care services? This integrated solution helps with bills management, claims management, patient check-ins, etc., to optimize the productivity of practices. You can learn more impeccable insights from the demo of DrChrono EHR. Now that you know the basics of DrChrono, set a demo now to get to the concluding stage.

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