What are the advantages of programmatic marketing

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

If you’re interested in programmatic advertising, you’ll be bombarded with acronyms and abbreviations. Programmatic marketing doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. Programmatic advertising is the practice of purchasing advertising space based on real-time data to target the appropriate audience at the right time. Removing time-consuming manual processes allows for better optimisation of programmatic advertising campaigns. Programmatic advertising has several benefits and should be a part of your marketing plan, so keep reading for more information.

It may be employed by both small and large-budget companies alike as a first step

Programmatic advertising does not need a significant upfront investment to get started. Programmatic buying allows you to obtain a lot more value for your money by reducing the amount of time and money spent on unnecessary advertising. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to play with or want to see how programmatic works before investing in more, there is a technique for you to use.

The program’s scope is enormous

I have never heard someone say anything like, “I don’t want to reach my target audience,” ever. Effective advertising reaches a broad audience at a low cost to the advertiser, as most people agree! Programmatic marketing may help you achieve this goal. To find and connect with your audience, programmatic advertising allows you access to millions of websites (almost).

It’s yours to keep

Businesses may stop and resume their campaigns mid-flight when they use programmatic advertising, one of its most essential benefits. There may be a greater emphasis placed on high-performing demographics and locations, as well as certain times of day and day of the week. If your website breaks down and you have to pay to redirect your consumers to a dead page, you may get out of jail for free and stop paying to do so in a flash—what a dream!.

Your brand may be shown in several ways

With the advent of programmatic advertising, online banner ads are no longer the only programmatic advertising. Nowadays, marketers may use highly interactive digital creative units, in-built maps, or just notable online takeovers to engage their audience, push them to the store, or wow them in real-time with a beautifully designed web format to their advantage.

In terms of time, there is essentially no limit

Does seeing adverts for the same product irritate you while you’re shopping for a birthday present for your significant other? When you’ve gone through it, you’ve been there for everyone. In addition to retargeting, a brand’s programmatic approach might utilise various other targeting strategies to discover and engage its target demographic. For example, overlaying previous Mastercard transactions, real-time and historical geolocation, email, Amazon purchase, or home data may be a bit sexier.

Your programming efforts may be coordinated with DOOH

You’re out and about by the time it’s lunchtime. You notice a billboard advertising a mouthwatering burger when you see it. You keep travelling, using your phone to monitor the weather as you go. It’s there in front of your eyes if you look. To your surprise, you’ve decided to visit the Golden Arches. You’ve just been the victim of an OOH/programmatic sync, where your OOH advertising catches individuals as they pass by and then retargets them on their mobile devices! It’s a simple yet effective way to get your message in front of more people and make it stick around for longer.

Programmatic marketing may be affected by the weather

If you’re at the right place at the right time, with the right people, and in the right weather, it’s feasible to communicate successfully. You can’t go wrong if the weather is used as a context for your brand’s message. In the same way that “sales surge when it rains,” these triggers may be based on facts about your brand. There are options in the programmatic purchase platform that may automatically boost the budget when favourable weather circumstances arise, or the message is adjusted to be more relevant for the target demographic.

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