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We have all been there; the endless efforts of getting that perfect outfit photo for IG! It is nothing less than a struggle. 

Whether you wish to become a fashion blogger or you want to take photos for your IG business startup; a handful of tips can be extremely helpful. 

Tips to Getting the Perfect Outfit Photo 

You have gotten the perfect women’s cocktail dresses at Review Australia and you want to put them up on your feed as soon as possible. But the quest of that perfect photo begins. 

And while you are at it; put these tips to use and experience a drastic change in the way you capture perfect outfit pictures. 

Choose the Type of Photo You Want to Capture:

There are different types of outfit photos that you can opt for; mirror selfies, extended selfies and photos taken with the help of a tripod. 

Many fashion bloggers opt for mirror selfies and it is a complete theme for some of the most famous influencers too. In this type of photo, you have to make sure that the lighting is good and the distance from the mirror is accurate. It must be showing your outfit precisely. If you can use natural light; it’s the best. 

Selfies have certainly lost their charm but you can opt for them if you want to. Self-portraits and photos are certainly the best. All you need is a tripod or a friend who can pull off some bomb.com photos of you in a dress. You can place the tripod at different angles and experiment as you like. 

Natural Light:

Utilize as much natural light as possible. It is best to shoot during golden hour times as it helps you capture magical photos. However, avoid direct sunlight as it can be harsh for the skin and makes photos look quite bright. 

Professional Setup

If you want to produce professional headshot photographs I might want to invest in professional off-camera flash equipment. Professional headshot photographers often use three to four flashes to light the subject’s face evenly and without any destracting shadows. In order to create the softest light (most flattering to human skin) it is advisable to use large softboxes or flash umbrellas which reflect the incoming light from the flash evenly to create modern and beautiful result.

Set The Camera’s Brightness:

If due to any problem, you have missed the top natural light timings; set the brightness of your camera to perk up the image. iOS and Android phones both have light adjustment options and help you enhance the object and image perfectly. 


Some of the dullest photos can be turned around with a little bit of editing. However, do not edit them too much as it can change the main agenda; showcasing the outfit. You want to keep it real. Thus, play a bit with brightness, contrast, ambiance and sharpness. You can also color grade the images a bit, keeping in mind that the colors do not change much. 

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With the right light, outfit and a great spot, you can pull off wonderful outfit photos for your IG. don’t forget to smile and try new poses each time to stay on top of the trends. You can also try outfit videos and teasers to attract your audience. 

We hope these tips help you produce the most stunning outfit pictures in that pretty cocktail dress of yours.

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