How 3D Animated Explainer Video Can Help Your Business

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

The 3D animated explainer videos help increase brand recognition and boost conversion for the business. Topics explained using 3D animation are compelling for the customer and entertaining for the audience. Most internet users prefer to watch videos instead of reading textual content.

Since animation has become a part of video marketing, 3D animated video has created its own audience. It is the most popular type of explainer video, and companies frequently use it to reach out to more potential eyes.

The primary goal of every company is to promote its product, services, and business goals, which can efficiently be done by using 3D animated explainer videos.

Digitalization has made communication and socializing a lot easier for people. This also has opened opportunities for businesses to reach their prospects. For example, 3D animated explainer videos encourage the audience to buy, subscribe, or take the desired actions.

3D animated videos effectively communicate the message and explain a complex structure. Not just businesses but other industries like medical, educational, mechanical, technical, IT, and more are using 3D animation to raise awareness, boost productivity, and improve learning.

Here are the reasons why 3D animated explainer videos are beneficial for business and why you should include them in your marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look!

Advantages of Using 3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D animated explainer videos are best in conveying the core objective of a company and driving the conversion to the business. Take a look at what your 3D animation can do for you!

1.      Increase Company and Product Visibility

The most challenging part for a manufacturing company after the production is promotion. The success of any experiment or campaign depends upon its marketing. The animated explainer videos help companies to express their business to their potential customers and stand ahead of the competitors.

A smart audience always prefers to watch a product video before buying it; present your product explainer video to impress them and convert the visitor into potential leads.

Even Google’s search algorithm helps websites with more video content to rank high in the search result and index the landing page fast.

You can post your explainer video on the homepage to hook your audience right away and take the desired actions. It is the best practice to improve conversion and enhance product visibility on the internet.

2.      Animated Explainer Video Provides Better User Engagement

People usually get bored by reading lengthy text blocks and looking over the internet for short informative videos to watch and learn about a particular topic and solve their queries

The same goes for your targeted audience; they look for relevant videos that cater to their issues. We live in the digital marketing era, where all of our competitors are imposing their presence through visual content.

Animated explainer videos let you engage your targeted audience and manipulate them to take specific actions. It also decreases the bounce-back ratio and is effective in lead generation.

You can address your prospect’s pain points and cast a story around it, which helps the audience relate and encourage them to buy the solution you are offering.

3.      Product Explainer Videos are Easy to Find

If you want your audience to reach you to buy the product from you, then you have to reach them first. Email marketing is effective but sending emails to thousands of people is not easy. Here you can use product explainer videos to compel them. 

Most of the users search over the internet for the appropriate solution to the problem they are facing, and a product explainer video can enhance the chance for your product to appear in the search result of your targeted audience.

You can post your video on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and more to increase the chance of getting caught by your prospects.

4.      Animated Videos has High Shareability

A study has stated that millions of videos are watched and shared daily on the internet through social media platforms. Facebook mentions over 500 years of YouTube video data daily, making it a hub of video.

When people watch a video and like it, they definitely share it with their social circle. So if you post your video on an appropriate platform and the viewer’s mind catches your ideas, then it just multiplies the eyes and sales for your business.

If your video is according to your viewers and talks about the solution, you have already achieved the milestone. Now you just have to let the people see it. If the video creates relatability, people are for sure going to buy what it’s selling.

5.      Animated Videos for Business and Customer Education

Over 60% of consumers have reported that they prefer watching videos before buying a specific product. However, an animated explainer video for business requires a proper strategy and detailed planning to communicate the exact information that your audience has been looking for.

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3D animated explainer video for business has the power to keep viewers glued to their screens, and it’s the most effective technique to entice them with emotions.

The educational sector is one of the biggest consumers of animation and helps the related stakeholders teach and learn easily. 3D modeling is used by architects, engineers, and doctors to demonstrate complex structures.

We all are led by our senses of sight and sound and take decisions under their influence. By developing an emotional connection with your audience through visuals, a 3D animated explainer is a terrific approach to explain concepts in a fun and interesting way that makes watch-time fruitful.

You can make your targeted audience learn, laugh, ponder, sad, happy, frustrated, smile, and help them remember the provided information with the help of a video.

7.      Animated Videos Can Make Old Customers Return

Animated video is such a powerful tool that you can even win your old customers back. With an amazing business-oriented animated explainer video, you can add brand value to your business, and the customer will be convinced to give your product a try.  

A well-crafted explainer video help to build customers’ trust in a company, product, or scheme and encourage them to explore more about it.

Marketers who have utilized video marketing in their campaign and added explainer videos to their websites stated that it helped boost the number of visitors, conversion, positive response, and purchases.

8.      Measure the Development of Your Business with An Explainer Video

In order to determine whether a video marketing strategy is successful or not, marketing analysis is a brilliant technique.

Your marketing staff may learn what works for them, what doesn’t, and what will work in the future. The marketing analytics aids in the identification of videos and social media activity that boosts sales.

This may not be achievable with other forms of advertising, but the best thing about web marketing and video is that you can analyze your strategy at any point and make adjustments as needed.

9.      3D Videos are Cost-Effective

When you add videos to your website, it’s advisable not to replace or update your 3D video regularly. It will always be available with one click.

P.S: It is advised to put creativity and analytical thinking while creating a video because if you make a pitch-perfect video, it will be best for the long run.

This also implies that you will not have to update your brochures, user instructions, or website pages regularly. The most significant benefit of 3D animated videos is that you can quickly alter and correct them if you need to add new information and make them a new promotion asset.

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