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Is your child obsessed with more than just playing video games? If so, he/she might have a knack for coding. Luckily, there are several amazing game development courses for kids that will teach your child to code. These courses cover everything from world design, multi-level design, game programming, character programming, and 3D modeling to much more.

The courses are more than just a first step into the world of game design and will challenge your kid to use his imagination while learning the principles of game development. So, let’s discuss some of the best game development courses, the age it is best suited for, the price, and how to get your kid started.

The Best Game Development Courses For Kids

Unity Game Development

It is the most popular game engine in the world and is the platform on which sensational games such as Angry Birds were built. The game design course is designed for pre-teens who can learn to build a 2D game where players can control the movement of the sprite and direct its interactions with the environment such as colliding with objects, hazards, etc.

Some of the g-development components included within the package are mesh renderer, collider, rigid body, assets, and animations. This is where students will also get a glimpse into the development of 3D games.

Minecraft Modding

Minecraft is one of the most user-friendly online g-design classes out there. It is perfect for children studying from grades 2 to 5 and it teaches them to code for placing and breaking blocks, building structures, spawn animals, etc. Students also learn to develop their own battle games such as fighting off zombies and developing stone, paper, and scissors games.

Minecraft Code To Mod

This program teaches students rather advanced modding techniques and enables young developers to design single-player and multiplayer games. It is also perfectly suitable for teenagers who want to learn advanced coding concepts that the platform has to offer, some of which include objects, and libraries. Moreover, they will also possess the coding skills to create a Fortnite-like game.

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Coding With Roblox Studio

It is one of the most versatile game development courses for kids and is meant for children studying from grades 4 to 8. In this course, students get to learn the concepts of coding such as workspace, objects, and ways to configure properties of objects such as color, and texture.

The platform also teaches students Lua which is the text-based scripting language used in Roblox. Students also get to learn the skills to develop multiplayer games so they can get their friends together to play at parties. So, it is quite a fun and motivating course to enroll your child in.

3D Design

It is one of the best game development courses for kids who want to design robots, cars, characters, and animations. The course introduces teens to profound concepts such as 3D design and 3D models.

Students gain practical experience by creating a couple of models in each class. The course touches on basic skills and is suitable for grades 4 to 8.

So, wait no further. Get your child enrolled in any one of these game development courses, right now!