Capybara leather – supremely luxurious variety

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When you wish to buy any kind of leather accessory, the first thing that comes to your mind is the quality. There are various kinds of leather varieties as well as styles available. One such option that you will come across is the Capybara leather. It is more popularly known as the Carpincho leather and very famous too. This leather comes from the largest rodent of South America which is around 5 feet long. They are really large and their skin is used to make different kinds of finest leather products.

If you wish to add a very unique piece of leather to your wardrobe, then this could be an ideal choice. But before going for its purchase, it is essential to have a little idea of what capybara leather is all about. So let us take a quick tour about this very beautiful leather variety.

It gets better with time

Just like ages well with time, same is the case with the capybara leather. Its finish and the look improves with time. This means that it is certainly a durable material to go for. If you are looking for any kind of leather stuff that lasts long then this can be a perfect selection. It is not only comfortable but highly fashionable. As years go by it becomes all the more beautiful and classy. This is the reason that most leather lovers want to get this variety for themselves. From bags to gloves, shoes etc you get a whole lot of stuff in this variety.

Highly soft in quality

One of the best features of this variety is that it is very soft. When you touch the material you can feel the softness and will fall in love in the very first look. Its soft grain quality is something that makes it different from the others. That is why people who love leather are fond of this exotic variety. Its natural color is yet another attention grabbing aspect. You will also see some marks which come because of the rodents fighting with one another. The genuine marks are a way to grab the real piece for yourself.

Best specimen

As these rodents are very large, you might want to know whether it is safe to buy such leather stuff or not. To your surprise, these rodents are kept in the farms and every effort is made to ensure their good health. Also extracting their skin for making leather items is legal in and around Argentina therefore there is nothing wrong in purchasing the Capybara leather. You can be rest assured that you have made a decent selection.

Huge range of leather goods

Carpincho leather is very famous among the buyers who know its worth. This is the reason that different types of items are designed using this exotic leather quality. From the handbags to men’s wallet, jackets, gloves, belts etc you get everything in this variety. The best part is that you see some very unique designs which make it a vintage selection. Special craft is used to design the stuff which is pleasing, elegant and attention grabbing.


Though this variety is very soft in nature but will turn out to be a durable one. This is because of the leather material which is long lasting in nature. This is one special feature which makes it stand out from the others. No matter how much you use the stuff it will only get better and better. So this is yet another aspect which makes the carpincho leather the right choice for the buyers. Special efforts are being made by the companies to make the product natural yet attractive and durable too. The shine and the finish of the products does not fade with time but get enhanced. That is why it is the right choice for genuine leather lovers.

Very expensive

There is no denial to the fact that carpincho leather is costly. It is the simple reason that it is expensive to design and manufacture every piece. That is why even the manufacturers have to keep the prices a little higher in order to make at least something for their business. But for the buyers, they have high durability with them, so it is worth spending their money on these exotic pieces.

Hand crafted and exported

As already discussed above that these rodents are found in Argentina and therefore the leather stuff is all hand crafted and exported to other places as well. There are strict regulations to use the animal skin for such purposes and companies need to abide by the same. This is legal in Argentina and other countries and so one can look forward to superb stuff coming their way. The carpincho leather has its own popularity in the market as well as among the buyers. Only a true leather lover can distinguish between the carpincho leather and other varieties.

Exclusive design

Ever carpincho piece that you come across has a different design. It is because these are real marks of the animals and it is clearly visible in the design. While in other varieties you will see the patterns to be symmetric and flat. The finish will be excellent but in case of carpincho the look is a little dull. The dull appearance along with the smooth finish is what catches the attention of the buyers. In the present time there is no leather variety like carpincho as it is just the best.

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Stay away from imitation leather

If you are planning to buy real carpincho leather, make sure to buy from genuine sellers only. There are a lot of imitation products availble in the market and on online stores. So it would be good if you check out the reviews of the stores to grab the real piece for yourself. Connecting with the genuine online store can help you to buy the right carpincho leather product which will be lovely and durable.

So this all about the capybara leather which is extremely unique, fabulous and certainly worth going for.

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