Car crash in Idaho: The dos and don’ts

Idaho is a tort state when it comes to car accidents. If you were injured in an accident that happened because of the other driver’s sheer negligence, you could file a claim and seek compensation for your damages. Among other things, you need to contact a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer to know the worth of your claim. Before you can think of a third-party insurance claim, there are a few steps to take immediately after the crash. Here is a list of dos and don’ts to follow. 

The do’s

  • Check if someone is injured. You need to call 911 immediately to get emergency medical attention. Even if you had a role in causing the accident, you should help the injured. 
  • Inform the police. Idaho state laws require you to report an accident if there was injury, death, or property damage (estimated at $1,500 or more). Don’t let someone talk you out from calling the police. 
  • Wait for the investigating officer to arrive at the scene. The police report is important to file an insurance claim. Share your version of the crash. 
  • Take evidence. If you are physically capable, consider taking photos and videos of the accident scene. Depending on the circumstances, you could take physical evidence from the site. 
  • Note down the details of witnesses and other drivers. You need the contact and insurance details of the other party directly involved in the crash. You can talk to the witnesses later, or else your lawyer can do the talking. 

The don’ts

  • Don’t talk to the insurance claims adjuster unless you have hired a lawyer. You can avoid giving a statement to the insurance company until you are ready to do so. 
  • Don’t blame the other party. You may know that the other driver was negligent, but don’t be tempted to blame them or argue in any manner. 
  • Don’t accept blame. If you believe that you were partly at fault, wait until you talk to the lawyer. Do not apologize at the accident site either. 

Call a lawyer

For any car crash, you should consult an attorney to know the worth of your claim. Your chances of winning a fair settlement can increase manifold when you have an attorney by your side. You can find a lawyer online or can ask around. The first meeting is typically free, and injury lawyers will only charge a fee if they can win a settlement for you. 

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