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If you got injured in an car accident and are looking to file a case against the driver at fault, you would need to talk to the most experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

In Alabama, you will only have two years to file a lawsuit. This is what is called the statute of limitations. And failure to file a case within that stipulated timeframe you are likely to be barred from getting compensation for your lost income and medical expenses.

Like most individuals, you might think that two years is enough time to file a case, but the truth is that it is not a long time, and you must act fast.

How a Car Accident Settlement Works

Firstly, you need to dial 911 right away following your car accident, even when you think the accident is just minor. Afterward, exchange details with the driver and take notes on weather and traffic conditions.

Don’t apologize or make any statement concerning who is to be blamed for the incident. In order to recover from the accident that another driver caused, you will have to know how to file a car accident in Alabama through your attorney’s help.

Settlement Process

The amount of time it normally takes for auto accident claims to get resolved is completely different from one case to another. It may depend on numerous factors, including the injuries severity and the facts of the car accident.

Cases encompassing minor property damages as well as injuries can get resolved as faster as three months. And cases involving severe injuries, future disability, and significant time off work might take one year or even longer.

But cases with disputed liabilities and other aggravating situations might not settle before the timeframe to file a lawsuit expires. Such cases need you to file a lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations in Alabama

Statute of limitations refers to the state law which puts strict time limitations on your right to file a lawsuit. Those deadlines may vary based on the type of injury you have suffered from and what kind of case you’re looking to file.

An insurance firm, whether of the other driver or your own, may require you to make a claim or give the insurance firm notice of the incident, which might trigger you to file a case immediately. This might be a matter of days or weeks.

Why You Need to Contact an Attorney

You need to always seek the services of a car accident attorney following your accident, whether off or on the road.

Your attorney will not just help you to examine different options. The expert will as well guide you through the process of insurance claims in order to get a better compensation amount.

Closing Remarks!

On average, the right time to file a car accident lawsuit in Alabama is about 18 months. Typically, you only have two years from the day you got involved in the accident.

This is why hiring the best Alabama car accident attorney is a good idea to ensure you file a lawsuit within the stipulated timeframe.

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