What are the Different Types of Flat Footwear for Women Fashion?

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Saira Farman

Comfort is back in style, and flats continue dominating the runways for Fall 2022! You can now check out the different styles of flats on Ipanema -including flat sandals for women and upgrade your footwear collection with the latest trends for the season!

In the post-pandemic era, the contemporary fashion industry has embraced the notion of functional and comfortable aesthetics -greatly to our relief! Sandals and flats are regarded as sophisticated essentials this fashion year and have made a major comeback on the runways all around the world. There can be nothing quite like the overall ease of roaming around in the laid-back comfort of flat sandals for women while not sacrificing your chic element.

The leading designers and brands of the world continue innovating to bring forth fresh iterations of flat-style footwear as highlighted basics to match contemporary silhouettes. Whether you are headed to work or to lounge at home, flat sandals for women are your perfect companions, and they are here to stay!

Top Flat Footwear Trends to Know About

Classic Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are becoming increasingly popular. However, lately, they were just about to drift apart from women’s styling. Still, these comfortable staples have made an impressive comeback with fresh revamps. They have been designed stylishly to include high-end elements -including quilted or suede detailing, muted colour patterns, trendy prints, pointed toes, ankle straps, and so more. 

Square-toed Sliders and Sandals

After several years of going all gaga over closed, pointed toes, the boxy silhouettes in the modern footwear range have started regaining style all over again. They have rightfully earned the status of the modern-day classics. 

Square-toed sliders and sandals can be seen almost everywhere. You can come across the best range of street fashion icons to the leading pop sensations adorning the trendy square-toed women’s footwear. Everyone is nowadays falling in love with the square-toed sandals or flats this season. They can be adorned in the form of casual basics or even in high-end professional settings. 

Preppy Loafers

Flats like loafers are one such footwear styles that are assured of serving as your wisest investments. It is because these options feature immense versatility in terms of wearing them on a day-to-day basis. The chic classics at Ipanema are suggested for bespoke capsule wardrobes as they are vibrant and colourful in every sense. 

As workplaces continue reopening since the advent of the pandemic, the academic-style, preppy footwear for women is back in fashion. You can think of wearing them as semi-formals, formal wear, or even casuals with a greater degree of ease and comfort. 

Classic Mules

Do you wonder why mules are becoming a hot trend among women of the ongoing era? The answer is that indeed they are! The trendy footwear range at Ipanema has been revived from the era of the 90s. These have been lately revamped as the flawless amalgamation of top-class trending footwear ideas that will dominate 2022 and beyond.

Classic mules at Ipanema are trending, comfortable, and easy to slip on & off. To top it all, these pieces are versatile enough to complement almost every outfit out there -whether formal or informal. 


Preferred quite long ago by famous artistic geniuses like Dali and Picasso, espadrilles are regarded as stylish flat types. These serve as a breezier alternative to sneakers during the spring season as well as the summer months. 

With espadrilles on, you can transport yourself to the mosaic walkways of Rome in a designer lace-up footwear. You can complement the entire look with a fit-and-flare dress and a classic hat. Whatever you wear, you can pair up with stylish espadrilles to gather an air of romanticism throughout.

Gladiator Sandals

It is difficult to strap into gladiator sandals and not feel like a goddess. The highly utilitarian sandals have emerged as a top-fashion, must-have accessory following the classic Greek mythology from the past. 

Honour your inner diva in a flowy maxi dress featuring side slits and topped with fashionable layers of beautiful bohemian jewellery. 


Accelerate your fall footwear vogue as you adopt the latest flat footwear trends 2022. Make the most of your stylish aspirations by buying designer footwear pieces from Ipanema.

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