The Do's and Don'ts of Landscaping for Small Yards
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Who said you couldn’t create an awesome landscape out of a small yard? Sure, you might not have acres to work with, but a small yard can look great with all the right landscaping ideas. If you have a small yard and are ready to redo it completely, then you’ll want to start with a few do’s and don’ts of landscaping for small yards.

In the guide below, you’ll learn all of the right steps to take and all of the mistakes to avoid when transforming your lawn. Continue reading to get started!

The Do’s

Let’s start with some of the things you should do when landscaping your yard. There are many great ideas to incorporate into your small yard, but if it becomes too tricky to handle alone, then don’t hesitate to contact professional landscapers such as Benchmark Landscaping. Here’s what you need to know.

Do Think Vertically

You don’t have a lot of ground space when it comes to your yard. That’s why you need to start thinking outside of the box. If you don’t have a lot of yard space to work with, then think vertically. 

Take full advantage of vertical space in your yard and plant your plants on a living wall.

Do Plant in Layers

To allow more space for various types of plants, plant in layers. When choosing plants for your garden, consider their sizes. Plant smaller plants in the front and larger plants in the back. 

The smaller plants will cover the stems of the larger plants behind them, and you’ll be able to add in more variety by doing this.

The Don’ts

There are a few don’ts in small yard landscaping as well. When you avoid simple landscaping mistakes, you can ensure you get the most out of your yard. Here’s what you need to know. 

Don’t Overdo It

You might feel tempted to add as many plants, trees, and flowers as possible into your yard. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Adding too many shrubs and other plants can cause your small yard to appear even smaller. 

Instead, think strategically when it comes to choosing the type of plants, how many, and their placement. When trees and shrubs get too large, don’t hesitate to prune them.

Don’t Plant Without Plans

A big mistake in landscaping small yards is going into it without a plan. Don’t begin landscaping until you have a written out plan first. Know where delivery vehicles will unload, where heavy foot traffic will be, and so on. 

Take your time planning out the yard’s design to ensure everything will fit perfectly. 

Landscaping For Small Yards Is Possible

With the help of this guide, landscaping for small yards is possible. Use all of these do’s and don’ts to help get you started. Small-yard landscaping might take a bit more planning and strategy, but it can look just as beautiful as any large yard when you put in the effort.

Maximizing the Beauty of Small Yards: A Guide to Proper Landscaping: Quick View

Small yards can be a challenge when it comes to landscaping. With limited space, it’s essential to make every square inch count. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember when landscaping your small yard.

Do’s: Choose low-maintenance plants: Opt for plants that are easy to care for and won’t require a lot of upkeep. Succulents, herbs, and other drought-resistant plants are great choices. Use vertical space: Vertical gardening, trellises, and hanging baskets can add dimension to your yard and create more space for plants. Incorporate hardscaping elements: Patios, walkways, and retaining walls can provide structure and definition to your yard while also creating more space for plants. Consider multi-functional areas: Create spaces that serve multiple purposes, such as a patio that doubles as a vegetable garden.

Don’ts: Don’t over-crowd: Too many plants in a small yard can make it feel cramped and cluttered. Stick to a few key specimens and add some negative space for visual interest. Don’t ignore lighting: Proper lighting can make your yard feel larger and more inviting. Don’t forget about the view: Make sure your plants and hardscaping elements complement each other, and don’t block important views. Don’t neglect the edges: The edges of your yard are just as important as the center. Trim bushes, add plants, and incorporate border elements to define the space and make it feel cohesive.

By following these do’s and don’ts, you can create a small yard that is both beautiful and functional. Remember to have fun and get creative, as the possibilities are endless!

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