Everything You Need To Know About NYPD Challenge Coins
NYPD Challenge Coins

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

This is the year that your dad retires from the NYPD, and you’re planning a huge retirement party. You can’t invite all the 36,000 officers who work for the police department, but you want to make this a special day for your father.

One thing you keep hearing about is custom challenge coins. Some of the other officers have gotten them, but you’re not sure why they’re coveted.

But, what are they, and would that be a good gift for your NYPD loved one? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about NYPD challenge coins.

What are NYPD Challenge Coins?

A challenge coin is a round coin inscribed with an insignia like the NYPD logo and given to someone for an important milestone. Some recipients like to carry their law enforcement challenge coins around, while others prefer to display them on a shelf.

A Brief History of Challenge Coins

Some people believe generals gave out the first challenge coins to soldiers in ancient Rome for exemplary service. There are also records of the allied forces giving out bronze medallions to their soldiers in World War I.

During World War II is when the “challenge” part of the challenge coins began. Soldiers would challenge each other to present their coins at a moment’s notice. The last one to present their coin would have to pay for drinks for the others.

What Do Challenge Coins Signify?

These days, many organizations use challenge coins to celebrate and encourage their members. These are some of the most common reasons for the NYPD to give out a challenge coin. 

Event Mementos

Sometimes, you’ll see NYPD coins representing a particular event. They then give the coins out to attendees and VIPs to make sure they always remember the NYPD event.


The most common reason to get a challenge coin these days is for a special anniversary with the department. After all, they dedicated years of their lives to protecting and serving New York! They deserve something in honor of that dedication.

Exceptional Duty

When an officer does something above and beyond the call of duty, it’s also common for someone to give them a challenge coin as a symbol of thanks. If they put in extra effort to protect and serve the community, they deserve a little extra gratitude.

Where Can You Get a Challenge Coin?

Several companies make custom challenge coins for all kinds of milestones. You can engrave them and even have full-color enamel images painted onto the coins.

A quick online search yields tons of companies with challenge coins for sale. Visit a reputable site like challengecoins4less to ensure the coin you get meets or exceeds your expectations.

Celebrate Your NYPD Loved Ones

It takes courage and honor to work in the police force. That’s why it is important to celebrate their milestones with them every chance you get!

Anyone who likes unique collectibles and has a connection to the NYPD would love to get one of these coins as a gift. You can even present it in a beautiful coin display box.


NYPD challenge coins are a unique and highly coveted form of recognition among members of the New York City Police Department. These coins are a tangible symbol of the department’s values, traditions, and shared experiences of its officers. They are typically made of metal, with intricate designs that reflect the history and culture of the NYPD.

The origin of challenge coins dates back to World War I, when soldiers carried them as a symbol of their allegiance and bravery. Today, challenge coins are widely used by law enforcement agencies, military units, and other organizations to honor their members and promote camaraderie.

NYPD challenge coins are not only prized possessions, but they also hold significant meaning within the department. They are awarded to officers who have demonstrated exceptional service, bravery, or leadership and are often presented during special ceremonies or events.

The designs of NYPD challenge coins vary widely, with some featuring the department’s logo while others depict specific units or events. Some coins are even customized with the names of individual officers or special messages.

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